Where to buy PUMA RE:COLLECTION range? Everything we know so far 

RE:COLLECTION Autumn/Winter 2022 offerings (Image via PUMA)
RE:COLLECTION Autumn/Winter 2022 offerings (Image via PUMA)

PUMA is gearing up for the launch of the Fall/Winter 2022 collection under its ecologically conscious RE: COLLECTION catalog. Both activewear, as well as advanced running shoes, will be dropped under this range.

PUMA RE: COLLECTION assortment is expected to arrive in the coming weeks. Interested buyers are advised to stay tuned to the label’s website for quick updates on future releases. Following their release, these items can be purchased from the brand's online and physical locations.

PUMA RE: COLLECTION Autumn/Winter 2022 collection will include athletic wear and shoes

Take a look at the items of upcoming sustainable collection (Image via PUMA)
Take a look at the items of upcoming sustainable collection (Image via PUMA)

PUMA's RE: COLLECTION demonstrates how repurposed components can create a distinct aesthetic. PUMA's official webpage described its RE: COLLECTION line as:

“At PUMA, we want to reduce our impact, respect our resources, and regenerate our materials. That’s why we’ve created RE:COLLECTION, a line with at least 30% recycled cotton in the apparel, and at least 20% recycled material in the footwear uppers.”

RE: COLLECTION products are made from 20% to 100% recycled materials and have a flawlessly imperfect appearance in neutral colors, depending on the style. The label's images revealed that the new lineup will include t-shirts, shorts, shoes, sports brassieres, and other apparel pieces.

RE: COLLECTION offers high-performance running and training shoes such as the PWRFrame TR, which features forefoot cushioning and an upper made of at least 30% reclaimed material. The uppers of the lifestyle shoes in this collection are reinforced with cutting residue.

The German clothing company uses the moisture-controlling dryCELL technology in a variety of sports garments. This highly effective material, which draws sweat away from the skin, allows athletes to stay dry and comfortable during competitions.

Although the tights are made from at least 70% recycled material, they still have performance features such as the ability of dryCELL technology to wick away sweat.

All dryCELL football jerseys in the collection are made of polyester with a high-tech microfibre. They absorb moisture from the body and distribute it over a larger surface area when worn. As a result, it dries faster and reduces the amount of fabric that clings to the skin.

Because the sweat is transferred to the outer layer by the microfiber, the inside of the clothing remains cool and dry. As a result, the garment is less wet and dries faster.

In order to use resources from more sustainable suppliers and increase the quantity of recycled content in its goods, the performance wear brand has set ambitious goals as part of its Forever Better sustainable approach.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for the upcoming RE: COLLECTION collection, which will be available soon through the performance wear label's online and offline stores.

More about PUMA Forever Better strategy

As part of their 10for25 strategy, the sportswear behemoth intends to increase the proportion of more sustainable raw materials in their products. This includes a commitment to purchase only environmentally friendly cotton, leather, polyester, cardboard, and down feathers.

In 2021, the brand used at least 50% more environmentally friendly resources in 79% of all clothing and 60% of all accessories (by volume). Furthermore, they intend to use 75% more recycled polyester in their clothing and accessories. As a result, the brand used 43% recycled polyester across all product categories in 2021.

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