Which castaways made it to Survivor season 44 finale? Fractured alliances, strategies and more explored

Survivor Season 44 saw another elimination in Episode 12
Survivor Season 44 saw another elimination in Episode 12 (Image via jaimelynnruiz/Instagram)

Popular reality competition series Survivor season 44 aired a brand new episode on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, at 8 pm ET on CBS. It documented the remaining cast members participating in reward and immunity challenges and giving it their all to not end up in danger. They also planned strategies and formed alliances. While some were successful, others weren't so much.

On this week's episode of Survivor, Jamie was voted out of the competition after she received four out of the six votes. She left the show with an immunity idol that she believed to be real until the end, which was a fake one since the time she found it on the island.

Carolyn, Carson, Yam Yam, Lauren and Heidi made it to the season finale.

Jamie gets voted out with her fake idol on Survivor

Tonight's episode of Survivor saw the cast members reeling from the previous week's elimination. They realized that irrespective of Carolyn playing her immunity idol on Carson, the latter would have been safe. Explaining her entire game plan, Carolyn only wished to make the Tika number strong with her move. However, the contestants realized she could be a bigger threat in the competiton.

The official synopsis of the episode, titled I'm The Bandit, reads:

"Castaways must get the ball rolling in the right direction at the reward challenge to win a relaxing evening at the sanctuary; with only six castaways left, it is an emotional struggle to decide which castaway will be going home."

After some idol hunting, Lauren and Jamie talked to Carson and Yam Yam about the potential of voting out Carolyn. While Carson agreed, he wanted the one of the two ladies to be voted out and not his closest alliance in the game. Meanwhile, Yam Yam was on board to flip on his alliance.

For the reward challenge on Survivor, the players were divided into two groups of three - Orange with Carson, Lauren and Yam Yam, and purple with Jamie, Heidi and Carolyn. Eventually, the orange team won the reward, which was some good food and a foot massage at the sanctuary.

Carson, Lauren and Yam Yam talked game at the sanctuary. Yam Yam pitched voting out Carolyn and Carson makes everyone believe he is on board with the plan. Back at camp, Jamie planned to vote out Carson, and while Carolyn agreed, she wanted Lauren or Heidi out next.

After the reward winners of Survivor this week reached camp, Carolyn let Carson know about his name being in the loop for elimination. Meanwhile, Yam Yam decided to flip off on his alliance with the former two and vote out Carolyn for his own benefit in the game ahead of the finale.

For the immunity challenge, the contestants had to balance a ball on a disc using two ropes, and avoid dropping. Only Lauren and Heidi advanced to the next round, with the former eventually winning her immunity this week and earning a straight ticket to the finale.


Once back at camp, after an initial slump, the contestants went back to planning the elimination. Carolyn and Heidi decided to vote out Jamie, following which Carson and Yam Yam also plan on doing so. Meanwhile, Jamie and Lauren wanted to vote out Carolyn and asked Yam Yam to join them, to which he agreed.

At the Tribal Council on Survivor, after an initial discussion on alliances and votes, the castaways got to voting. With four votes against her, Jamie was the next person to be eliminated from the competition. She joined the jury with an idol she believed was real, which in fact, was fake.

Season 44 of Survivor has been an intense watch so far. As the installment progresses, the remaining contestants will face tougher challenges. With elimination looming over their heads every week, they will have to put their best foot forward to ensure their safety until the end.

Don't forget to tune in to the two-hour season finale on Wednesday, May 24, at 8 pm ET on CBS.

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