Who is Adria Biles? Claim to Fame contestant was the most obvious celebrity relative guess from fans

Claim to Fame contestant Adria Biles is Simone Biles's sister (Image via Adria Biles/Facebook,simonebiles/Instagram)
Claim to Fame contestant Adria Biles is Simone Biles's sister (Image via Adria Biles/Facebook,simonebiles/Instagram)

Claim to Fame aired its premiere episode on Monday, July 11, 2022, at 10.00 pm ET on ABC. The new unscripted show, hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, will challenge the relatives of celebrities to go undercover and make their mark to win a cash prize of $100,000.

In the premiere episode, fans quickly figured out who one of the contestants was. Adria Biles was hidden under the name Louise but was easily recognized as Simone Biles' sister, considering the striking resemblance.

ABC's Claim to Fame will ask celebrity family members to "step outside their famous family member's shadow and live together under one roof, concealing their identity and lineage in the quest for their fame and fortune."

The 12 players will be isolated from the outside world, where they will form alliances and participate in a variety of challenges until one is announced the winner.

Fans react to Claim to Fame contestant Louise's identity

Right off the bat, Claim to Fame fans knew that Louise was Athlete Simone Biles' sister Adria Biles. Even the contestants on the show were sure of her identity.

Adria Biles is one of the four siblings of the Biles family. Apart from Simone and Adria, the two other siblings include Ron Jr. and Ashley Biles Thomas. Adria is a former gymnast herself. She began to pursue gymnastics when she was 9 years old and ended up competing at the junior elite level with Simone until 2016.

Simone and Adria spent time together in a foster home before being adopted by grandparents Ron and Nellie. Even after leaving gymnastics, the 23-year-old contestant cheered her sister on during the Olympic games. Although she kept her details to a minimum, she posted on Twitter in 2020 that she was a dental assistant and wanted to pursue hygiene.

Check out how fans guessed Simone Biles' celebrity relative. They addressed the similarities Louise (Adria) had to Simone, which was the reason for their easy identification.

What transpired on the premiere episode of Claim to Fame?

The premiere episode aired on Monday and followed a format similar to the hit competition series Big Brother. Kevin and Frankie Jonas welcomed the first season's players and explained the format of the game.

The official synopsis of the episode titled It's All Relative reads:

"Hosts Kevin and Frankie Jonas introduce the 12 celebrity relatives who will be living under one roof and concealing their identity and lineage in the quest for the coveted $100,000 prize. Contestants are tasked with competing in a talent show for their first challenge, with one contestant ultimately facing elimination."

The premiere episode saw 12 players introduce themselves. Some contestants used fake names and were allowed to speak two truths and one lie while making an introduction. Host Kevin Jonas explained the format of the game, where the cast has to participate in a challenge. The winner gets immunity from elimination and a clue to a possible relative revelation.

At the end of the episode, the Claim to Fame hosts will hold a celebrity guest off, where the identity of one of the contestants will be exposed, and they shall be eliminated. While we don't know the real identities of some of the contestants, the introductory names include Louise, Michael, Logan, Dominique, Maxwell, Pepper, X, Amara, Brittany, Kai, L.C, and Lark.

Brittany impressed everyone with her painting skills during the talent show challenge and won immunity and a clue of her choice. The bottom two in danger were Pepper and LC. The other contestants will decide who among them will be the one to guess the celebrity in the end.

If the chosen contestant on Claim to Fame manages to guess the name of the celebrity relative correctly, then the latter goes home. If not, time is up for the former. Peppe was chosen to guess and wanted to reveal Maxwell's identity. However, as the latter used his mobile phone, he broke the rule and was eliminated. He was revealed to be Chuck Norris' grandson.

While the contestants live under one roof and keep their identities a secret, fellow cast members will try and figure out ways and means to reveal the identity of these celebrity relatives. It will be interesting to see who will remain until the end to win the cash prize and claim their fame.

Tune in to Claim to Fame next week on Monday, July 18, 2022, for an all-new episode on ABC.

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