Who is FIFTY FIFTY? Meet the rookie girl group that earned a spot on Spotify and Billboard charts

Meet the rookie K-pop grouo, FIFTY FIFTY (Image via Twitter/@we_fiftyfifty)
Meet the rookie K-pop group, FIFTY FIFTY (Image via Twitter/@we_fiftyfifty)

Housed under Attrakt, FIFTY FIFTY is a four-member K-pop group that debuted on November 18, 2022, with their first single, Higher from their EP, The Fifty. The members include Aran, Keena, Saena, and Sio, and their fandom goes by the name 'HUNNY' or 'HUNNIES' if plural.

With just months since their debut, the group has garnered a lot of attention from K-pop fans due to their unique and addictive song releases. While their EP, The Fifty, had them hooked, their recent comeback Cupid and its accompanying Twin Version, which is the English version of the track, have been doing amazingly well on both Spotify and Billboard charts.

Meet FIFTY FIFTY: The new record-breaking K-pop girl group

The rookie K-pop girl group, FIFTY FIFTY's most recent release, Cupid (Twin Version), debuted on Spotify with about 1.06 million streams, ranking at number 191 on the Global Spotify chart. Additionally, the song is also reeling in about 800 thousand streams per day on Spotify, with its music video currently at 6.9 million views.

Cupid also earned its first entry on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart, ranking at number eight. Given that the group sits next to SHINee's Key and BTS' Jin, with the only other fourth-generation girl group being NewJeans, fans are extremely proud of their impressive achievements and can't wait to witness what FIFTY FIFTY has in store for them.

FIFTY FIFTY consists of four members

Saena - Rapper & Dancer

Jung Sehyun or Saena is the leader of FIFTY FIFTY. She is also the main dancer and sub-rapper in the group. Born on March 12, 2004, Saena is a Pisces and her Chinese Zodiac Sign is Monkey. The idol was initially active on KBS 2TV's Dancing High, under Team Hoya.

It was revealed that she's good friends with NMIXX's former member, Jinni, and her role model is BLACKPINK. Among all the members of the group, Saena shares a room with Keena.

Keena - Rapper

As the main rapper of FIFTY FIFTY, Keena or Song Jakyung was born on July 9, 2002, which makes her a Cancer. Her Chinese Zodiac Sign is Horse and the idol is also the sub-vocalist in the group. Prior to her debut, Keena attended GB Academy, a reputed educational institute.

She's confident about her rapping skills and also listed it as the strongest specialty in her CV for the Fifty Company. She's the eldest member of the rookie group.

Sio - Vocalist

Jeong Jiho, who also goes by Sio, is the main vocalist and lead dancer of FIFTY FIFTY. The Libra was born on October 6, 2004, and her Chinese Zodiac Sign is Monkey. While not much has been revealed about her past engagements, fans have discovered that she's a fan of anime and admires the band Thornapple.

Aran - Vocalist

The last FIFTY FIFTY member on the list is Aran, who's also the maknae (youngest) of the group. Though she is the lead vocalist, Aran also acts as the rapper at times. Born on October 11, 2004, the idol is a Libra, with the Chinese Zodiac Sign being Monkey.

According to the fandom, Aran's favorite singers are John K, LOCO, Dean, and Crush, naturally setting a common tone in the genre she enjoys. While these prove to be her favorites, her role model, however, is the American singer Ariana Grande.

FIFTY FIFTY's Discography as of March 2023

The four-member girl group's first EP (extended play), The Fifty was released on November 18, 2022, which also marks their debut date. The mini-album consisted of four tracks, namely, Tell Me, Lovin' Me, Higher, and Log in. Tell me and Lovin' Me are unit songs, and the former sees Aran and Keena shine while the latter witnesses Sio and Seena in the spotlight.


Following The Fifty, their next comeback was The Beginning: Cupid, which released on February 24, 2023. The single came along with a Twin Version, which was a full-English track and an instrumental version of the single.

With the group already doing really well on the charts and garnering a huge fan base, netizens are excited to listen to more of their tracks in the future.

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