Who are the four contestants participating in Snake in the Grass season 1 episode 8? Release date, trailer, and more

Juliet Bell and Ryan Mccune set to appear in Snake in the Grass episode 8
Juliet Bell and Ryan Mccune set to appear in Snake in the Grass episode 8 (Image via Instagram/@townytown)

Snake in the Grass is back with one last episode.

The season finale is here and it is set to bring the audience four new contestants as they set out to win $100,000. Juliet, Victoria, Ryan, and Todd are dropped in the middle of the forest for 36 hours so they can overcome different challenges set by host Bobby Bones and win prize money.

However, there’s a saboteur amongst them who will try to stall them at every moment. The synopsis of Snake in the Grass read:

"In this survival of the sneakiest, the players will compete in a series of grueling and mind-twisting challenges, from retrieving game pieces suspended on high wires over a 500-foot canyon, to scaling the face of a cliff to solve puzzles. "

The Snake in the Grass season 1 finale is set to air on Monday, September 19, at 9 pm ET.

Meet the final team on Snake in the Grass set to compete in episode 8

Snake in the Grass is back with another episode consisting of four new contestants whose eyes are set on the prize. If they successfully complete all the challenges and win the show, the prize money will be divided among them, but there’s always a catch.

Amongst these four is The Snake, who will attempt to take home the entire prize money all by themselves. After each challenge, the contestants will receive a clue about the saboteur’s identity, if they guess it correctly, they win, but if they don’t, the snake takes home the dough.

The cast members will be poles apart in the upcoming episode. While some of them are extremely adventurous, there are some who are afraid of everything in the forest, or so they claim.

Juliet Bell

The 27-year-old hunter is from Los Angeles, California and seeks adventure on a daily basis. Juliet has prior experience in the wild as she used to volunteer to rehabilitate animals in Zimbabwe. A large part of her job included feeding lions, which meant that she had to serve them dead animals. About her experience in Zimbabwe, she said that it’s who she really is.

In a sneak peek of Snake in the Grass, she said:

"There’s a wild side to me that a lot of people don’t know. I've gotten my hands dirty. I’ve been out there in the wild."

Juliet seems like she was made for this game, yet she seems to hesitate at one point during the episode. As a lifeguard, water shouldn’t be an issue for her, but in another sneak peek, she seems to freeze because she is afraid of hitting the water “the wrong way” and hurting herself.

Victoria Gusto

The 49-year-old boxing teacher is from Las Vegas, Nevada. She’s competitive and driven, as well as positive and outgoing. In a sneak peek, she said:

"I live my life on an adventure. I believe you have to try everything once. Do everything you can and live life to the fullest."

Her optimism makes her a great companion to have on an adventure and to have on your team if you’re competing on Snake in the Grass.

Ryan Mccune

The 29-year-old Taekwondo Black Belt is from West Covina, California. He calls himself an adventurous person and he’s on the show to win it all. His dominating personality and mouth often get him in trouble, but his charm also gets him out of it just as easily.

In his promo for Snake in the Grass, he said:

"I like the new, the random, the live your life to the fullest. I’m all in to win."

Todd Duffee

The 35-year-old is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science and is from Gary, Indiana. Don’t let his tough exterior fool you as he claims that he’s “not as tough” as he looks. The socially awkward Todd is on the show to face “a lot of big fears.”

In a sneak peek, he said:

"Am I afraid of water? Yes. Am I afraid of heights? Yes. Am I afraid of every f****** thing in the jungle? Most likely."

While he may not be the ideal person to have on your team in the wild, his determination to complete the tasks will certainly tell you if he’s the snake or not.

Tune in to USA Network on Monday to find out what will happen in the season finale of Snake in the Grass.

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