Who are J-pop group Travis Japan? AGT contestants were formed under the supervision of American choreographer Travis Payne

J-pop group Travis Japan impress judges on AGT (Image via travis_japan_official/Instagram)
J-pop group Travis Japan impress judges on AGT (Image via travis_japan_official/Instagram)

J-pop group Travis Japan was among the many talented contestants who auditioned on Season 17 of America's Got Talent (AGT). The dance group impressed the judges and live audience with their synchronized moves and distinct personalities.

The AGT contestants are a seven-member unit. They were formed in 2012 under the supervision of American choreographer Travis Payne.

AGT J-pop group Travis Japan were brought together as children

Travis Japan is a song-and-dance entertainment group managed by the legendary Japanese talent agency Johnny & Associates. They were in Johnny's junior unit in 2012 and gave their first stage performance as children when they auditioned for acclaimed American choreographer Travis Payne.

The seven members of the group are:

  1. Kaito Matsukura
  2. Ryuya Shimekake
  3. Shizuya Yoshizawa
  4. Kaito Miyachika
  5. Noel Kawashima
  6. Kaito Nakamura
  7. Genta Matsuda

Former members of the group include Nakada Hiroki, Abe Aran, Morita Myuto, and Kajiyama Asahi.

During their formation in 2012, the group was divided into two: Ani-gumi (an older brother group consisting of Nakada, Kawashima, Morita, Shimekake) and Otouto-gumi (a younger brother group consisting of Yoshizawa, Nakamura, Abe, Miyachika, Kajiyama). Initially, the two teams only performed for Playzone but were chosen as dancers for Kondo Masahiko's 35th anniversary tour in 2015.

In 2016, they performed as a nine-member crew at Johnny's Ginza 2016. They were praised for their dancing skills and unbeatable spirit. However, Abe Aran later expressed his intention to leave the group, after which they continued performing as an 8-member dance group.

In January 2017, Nakada left to pursue other opportunities, after which they became a group of seven dancers. After facing several roadblocks, Morito and Kaiyama also decided to leave, and the group only had five members. However, on November 18, 2017, they performed at Johnny's Jr. Wangan LIVE with two new dancers, Matsuda Genta and Matsukura Kaito. The group has performed with all seven members ever since.

At the end of March 2022, the AGT contestants decided to build their careers in Hollywood and polish their skills as performers. Since then, they have been in Los Angeles and take daily singing, dancing, and English lessons.

The AGT J-pop group also performed in the World of Dance Championship Series Orange County 2022 and bagged third place in the Team Division, along with the Best Costume and Crowd Favorite awards. They impressed the audience with their visuals, costumes, and acrobatics.

Travis Japan has a whopping 841K followers on Instagram, where they regularly share their dance performances, practice sessions, and promotional activities as a group. They have held several concerts in Japan over the years. The group's original works include: Talk It! Make It!, The Show, Unique Tigers, Free Your Mind, Together Now, Big Bang Boy, and many more.

The other contestants on this week's episode of AGT include Adam Winrich, Bella Brothers, Ben Waites, Duo Rings, Travis Japan, and many more. This season has seen some incredible talent in the form of musicians, magicians, acrobats, and dancers. Readers can keep watching America's Got Talent (AGT) on NBC.

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