Who is Kory Keefer from Winter House? Meet Craig Conover’s friend as he’s all set to debut in Season 2

Kory Keefer among the newcomers in Winter House Season 2
Kory Keefer among the newcomers in Winter House Season 2 (Image via Instagram/@korykeefer)

Winter House Season 2 will premiere this Thursday, and the Bravo stars are ready to party. Joining the show are reality TV stars who have previously appeared on Summer House and Southern Charm, along with a few friends, for a two-week-long vacation in Vermont. Among the newcomers on the show is Kory Keefer, who is Craig Conover’s college friend.


The press release of the show reads:

"When the temperature drops, the drama heats up! Embark on the ultimate winter getaway with some of Bravo's beloved "Summer House" and "Southern Charm" cast members and their friends during a two-week vacation in Stowe, Vermont. The six-episode series reaches new peaks when this rowdy crew kicks off an epic experience filled with hot tub hookups and snowy shenanigans."

Meet Craig’s college buddy Kory Keefer ahead of Winter House Season 2

Kory and Craig were close during college and even went to the same fraternity, Kappa Sigma, at the College of Charleston. The former was born in Maryland and raised in South Carolina, where he currently owns a gym. Craig’s book Pillow Talk described their friendship as "same guy, just in different bodies."

When Craig was chosen for Southern Charm, he thought Kory would also be on the show, but his friend did not make the cut, and the two had a fallout. However, the two reconnected later on, just before Winter House.

With Kory’s entrance to the group, things are about to change. The single man who is ready to have some fun on the show will inevitably cause some drama. In the trailer of the show, he said he plans to pursue all the women on Winter House. He is seen being flirty with fellow newbie Jessica Stocker among others. In his confessional in the trailer, he said:

"The girls in the house, have no idea, but I’m kinda pursuing all of them at this point."

According to Kyle Cook, Kory's arrival in Winter House "means trouble" since Craig is someone he has been looking up to until the latter met Paige, after which his reputation wasn’t the most outstanding.

His Bravo bio described him as an “adrenaline junkie at heart and gym owner by trade.” It further read that he comes to the show to meet women and hang out with Craig. It continued:

"It isn’t long before Kory becomes the house heartthrob and catches the eye of more than one of the housemates, but will he be able to commit his attention to one person?"

Other members joining the cast of Winter House include Jessica Stocker, Rachel Clark, Craig Conover, Kyle Cook, Amanda Batula, Jason Cameron, Tom Sandavol, Tom Schwartz, Austen Kroll, Ciara Miller, Luke Gulbranson, and Paige Desorbo.

For Craig and Paige, who recently made their relationship public, this will be their first vacation as a couple, and the first time they will live together. The two were in a long-distance relationship until Paige decided to leave her life in New York and move to Charleston to be closer to her beau. In the trailer, she said that she has never lived with a boyfriend before, and it terrifies her.

Winter House Season 2 is set to premiere on October 12, 2022, at 8 pm ET on Bravo.

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