Who is Mitch Rossell from AGT season 18? Country singer has the most tragic family story

Mitch Rossell
Mitch Rossell on America's Got Talent (Image via Instagram/ @mitch_rossell)

Season 18 Episode 2 of AGT (America's Got Talent) 2023, was released on June 6, making quite a stir with a new talented singer. A country singer from East Tennessee, Mitch Rossell, made a big impression on the judges and audience with his singing in the second round of the audition.

Before he began his AGT performance, Mitch explained that he would be singing a song that was a “true story about my life.” He sang his original, Son.

His performance impressed the judges. Television personality Simon Cowell said:

“I love every part of that. I love your voice. I love the song. It was sincere.”

Mitch has released many original songs during his singing career, such as Ran Into You with American country singer Trisha Yearwood. Streaming of this song on Spotify reached over 39 million according to Rossell's website. He also has a song called All I Need To See, which has over 20 million streams on Spotify, and a song called Then Again with 15 million streams.

AGT contestant Mitch said that his father inspired him to become a musician

According to the episode introduction video, AGT contestant Mitch lost his father when he was just 10 years old as a result of a “drunk driving incident.” Mitch also lost his grandparents in that accident.


At the time of the accident, his father was driving one car on the highway and his grandfather was driving another car in the opposite direction. In the next moment, a drunk driver hit his grandfather's car, turning it in the opposite direction, towards his father's vehicle.

When Mitch graduated high school, that was when he decided to learn how to play guitar for the first time after this tragic accident.

Speaking about his father, Mitch said:

“We were so poor, but he loved me so much — he bought me a little guitar when I was a kid. He always wanted me to play growing up. And I was too rambunctious, was always into sports, and just didn’t take the time to learn and didn’t want to learn.”

Additionally, he stated:

“I decided today I’m going to learn how to play guitar. It was the only thing he ever really asked me to do. I felt like I was kind of making him proud.”

Following his guitar lessons, he began participating in concerts and focused on making a career in this field. When Garth Brooks launched his 2022 stadium tour last year, Mitch took part in this tour. Moreover, Mitch's official website mentions that he has written four songs for Garth during his time with him.

Ask Me How I Know is one of the songs from The Ultimate Collection, which was released in 2016. Additionally, his other accomplishments include the music he composed for the 2010 film, Crazed. Alongside this, he has also made his acting debut with the 2018 film, Battle Of The Cursed: The Two Kings. He has also appeared in another film, Grandma's Blessings.

His sons inspired Rossell to write his audition song

During his America's Got Talent (AGT) 2023 performance, the 35-year-old singer also revealed he has two sons, who inspired him to write the song.

According to him, the song that he performed in his AGT audition was “the most personal thing I’ve ever written." Moreover, he added:

“I went for years and never wrote a song about it, and had a son of my own, and I think that finally allowed me to really write about it and bring it full circle.”

The next episode of America's Got Talent (AGT) season 18 will air on June 13, 2023, at 8 pm ET.

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