Who is Paige Thorne from Love Island UK? Swansea native once saved a man’s life

24-year old paramedic Paige Thorne will join Love Island Season 8 as a contestant (Images via paigethornex/ Instagram)
24-year old paramedic Paige Thorne will join Love Island Season 8 as a contestant (Images via paigethornex/ Instagram)
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Reality TV dating show Love Island Season 8, which premieres June 6, will feature 11 contestants competing against each other to win $50,000 and form lasting romantic relationships. 24-year-old paramedic Paige Thorne is one of the contestants on the show.

Paige is coming to Love Island because she has had it "with boys in her hometown" and wants to find a serious partner. Mayhill resident Andy Humphries recently revealed that he "owed" his life to Paige, who helped him and waited with him in the ambulance for seven hours at the hospital.

Who is Love Island Season 8 contestant Paige Thorne?

Hailing from Swansea, Wales, Paige is a 24-year-old paramedic. She graduated in 2019, and wants to bring "positive energy" to the reality show. Her friends describe her as "down to earth." As per Paige, she will stick to the girl code during the show and "look after anyone that needs looking after."

Paige says that she is quite "mumsy" and "a good cook." She proudly claims that Gordon Ramsay would rate her Sunday roast a solid 9/10 or 10/10. Paige describes her ideal "romantic" relationship as follows:

"I’ll do your meal prep for you. We will bake cookies on a Sunday. We’ll go for a walk together."

Paige is done with the men in her hometown and wants to meet a serious romantic partner who shares her values. She dislikes men with big fingernails and mismatched socks and shoes. Paige talks about the possibility of meeting her future husband on the show in a promo. She also says that show will increase her chances of finding love:

"I need to break out and broaden my horizons and Love Island just brings everyone together for me. I haven’t got to go out and I haven’t got to swipe. So, hopefully they can just come to me now!"

According to Paige, she "loves love" and frequently makes "little gestures" for her loved ones.

Talking about her profession, Paige reveals that her patients always question her her age and ask if she is capable of doing her job as a paramedic. She says:

"People are always surprised when I say I’m a paramedic. They’re like "Are you even old enough to look after me?" And I’m like “Oh my gosh, hun, yeah, for sure, I definitely am."

Andy Humphries, one of Paige's patients, recently shared in an interview with Wales Media that Paige helped him a lot when he had a stroke in his local doctor's office. Paige was there to help resuscitate the 58-year-old Mayhill resident along with the other paramedics.

She waited seven hours with him in the ambulance and made sure that everyone knew of his condition when her shift ended. He said:

"When I came round, she was there and was so dedicated, she waited with me for seven hours in the ambulance and as I waited at hospital."

Andy feels protective of her and said that Paige has a "big personality". He hopes no one is "horrible" to her in the villa.

Tune in to ITV2 on June 6 at 9.00pm ET to watch the season premiere of Love Island and catch up on Paige's journey on the show.

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