Who punched out of Tough as Nails Season 4 Episode 6? Team challenges, overtime, and more explored

Tough as Nails saw another contestant punch out of the competition
Tough as Nails saw another contestant punch out of the competition (Image via toughasnails/Instagram)

Tough as Nails Season 4 aired a brand new episode on Wednesday, January 25, 2023, at 10 pm ET on CBS.

The one-hour installment documented the cast members participating in a series of individual and team challenges. They gave it their all to win bonus cash prizes and keep steering ahead until one of them wins the coveted title as well as a grand cash prize of up to $200,000.

On this week's episode of Tough as Nails, Jorge and Beth lost their individual challenge and went into overtime. Although the competition was close, the latter missed out on completing the challenge by an inch and had to punch out of the competitive part of the show and lose the coveted title as well.


Season 4 of the hit series, hosted by Phil Keoghan, divided the contestants into two teams - Dirty Hands and Savage Crew - who have been competing against each other to secure their safety and be in the running for the title. They will have to put their best foot forward to ensure they do their best in every task.

What transpired on this week's episode of Tough as Nails?

Tonight's episode of Tough as Nails saw the contestants reflecting on their past challenges. Team Dirty Hands was leading the game with three wins under their belt and promised to continue the win. Meanwhile, Savage Crew won only two team challenges and decided to even out their scores this week.

The official synopsis of the episode, titled Rise and Grind, reads:

"Crew members compete in pairs to shrink wrap a large container, with the last couple to finish facing the overtime challenge where one person will be eliminated from the individual competition."

For the first challenge on Tough as Nails, the contestants assembled at Crate Modular. Both teams were given two large metal containers to work with and had to cut out eight portions to make way for the doors and windows to fit in. The contestants had to cut out the materials in the exact measurements given and assemble them.

Savage Crew, led by Mister, established an early lead and divided themselves to work in an organic manner. While Ally, who was leading Ditry Hands, originally wanted to have Jorge cut the portions, she placed the latter into the job after Sergio's suggestion. As the team struggled to cut the material, Ally decided to stick to her initial decision, but it was too late and they lost their challenge.

After Savage Crew evened out their scores with Dirty Hands on Tough as Nails with three wins each, they had to participate in the individual challenge. Jorge, who won last week's iteration, had the power to team up pairs to compete. They had to shrink wrap a container to be delivered to the location.

The teams Jorge divided included: Jorge and Beth, Ellery and Mister, Larron and Laura, and Jake and Ilima. Throughout the challenge, Ilima struggled to communicate with Jake, but she found a way around it and the duo won $6,000. By the end of the challenge, Jorge and Beth had to go into overtime.

For the final challenge on Tough as Nails, Jorge and Beth had to fit a tap into the containers and hand over a glass of water to host Phil Keoghan. After a close run, Jorge managed to get water out of the tap and won the challenge. Beth had to punch out of individual competitions but can still compete in team challenges to win bonus cash prizes.

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Season 4 of Tough as Nails has been getting interesting with each passing episode. As the season progresses, the contestants will be tested to their limits in difficult challenges. Viewers will have to stay tuned to witness what more will head towards them this season.

Don't forget to tune into a brand new episode of Tough as Nails next Wednesday, January 31, 2023, at 10 pm ET on CBS.

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