Why did Bow Wow and Ciara split? Rapper reacts to tweet claiming "that woman has been through hell"

Bow Wow reacts to fan tweet about his old relationship with singer Ciara (Image via Getty Images)
Bow Wow reacts to fan tweet about his old relationship with singer Ciara (Image via Getty Images)

Ciara’s former boyfriend, rapper Bow Wow, recently responded to a tweet that claimed the singer has “been through hell” for dating him, Future, and 50 cent in the past.

The musician reacted to the fan tweet with a sarcastic reply, mentioning that it was “wild” to blame him for their break-up nearly 17 years after their separation.

🤣🤣 17 years ago … im still getting blamed this is wild 🤣🤣…

Ciara and Bow Wow were deemed one of the most powerful couples in the music industry back in the early 2000s. The duo reportedly started dating in 2004 at the height of their careers, but their relationship eventually fizzled out after a few years amid constant pressures of being under the limelight.

A look into Bow Wow and Ciara’s relationship

Bow Wow and Ciara reportedly started dating in 2004 (Image via Getty Images)
Bow Wow and Ciara reportedly started dating in 2004 (Image via Getty Images)

Bow Wow met Ciara for the first time when she appeared as an extra in one of his promotional videos for a 2004 concert. The duo started dating in 2015 shortly after the latter rose to fame with her song Goodies.

The pair sparked dating rumors when they were spotted together on several occasions throughout 2005. The rumors intensified further after Bow Wow featured Ciara in his Like You music video from his 2005 album Wanted.


That same year, the couple officially confirmed their relationship during an interview with Vibe magazine. Bow Wow opened up about the relationship, saying that the two liked to “go out” together:

“People were seeing us at basketball games in Atlanta. We consider ourselves normal—we like to go out. Honestly? I don’t see what the big deal is.”

Despite the revelations, the pair continued to keep their personal lives out of the public eye. They eventually called it quits in 2006 amid the rapper’s cheating rumors. Bow Wow later opened up about the break up on VladTV and shared how the pressures of fame and stardom affected his relationship with Ciara:

“I was in a serious relationship early on in my career, at the hottest time where I’m the hottest thing. Once again, those influences… all those women want you, and my OGs is telling me this… They’re telling me I’m not living. They’re telling me I’m not experiencing the things I need to experience.”

The 34-year-old also mentioned that towards the end of their relationship, he started clubbing and spending a lot of time on the streets. The duo parted ways after the rapper decided to be “alone”:

“I was acting like grandpa at 17 and 19 and then I just started listening like, ‘Man, they’re right’ and started being in the streets, clubbing a lot, not wanting to come home, and you know how that goes. I just got sucked into the game and I had to understand with myself like, damn now is the time that I need to be alone out here and living my life and we just went our separate ways.”

Although Bow Wow had been vocal about his break up with Ciara, the latter never acknowledged the situation in public. She went on to date other musicians like Future and 50 cent as well as basketball player Amar’e Stoudemire.

She finally settled with NFL star Russell Wilson after marrying him in 2016. The couple welcomed their first child in 2017 and their second child in 2020. Ciara also shares a son with her ex-partner, Future.

Meanwhile, Bow Wow has been linked to Love & Hip Hop star Erica Mena, Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Kiyomi Leslie, and entrepreneur Joie Chavis. He also shares a son with the latter.

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