Why are fans split on Timmy choosing newbie Bria over Zeta on Love Island USA?

Fans split over Timmy recoupling with Bria after his strong connection with Zeta (Image via loveislandusa/Instagram,@loveislandusa/Twitter)
Fans split over Timmy recoupling with Bria after his strong connection with Zeta (Image via loveislandusa/Instagram,@loveislandusa/Twitter)
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Love Island USA aired a brand new episode on Wednesday, July 27, at 9 pm ET on Peacock. The one-hour packed time frame was as dramatic as expected, with the entry of new islanders that shook the dynamics of many strong couples in the villa.

During the premiere of Love Island USA Season 4, islanders were asked to couple up with the contestants based solely on first impressions and the connections that they had begun to form. Eight episodes into the season, all Day 1 couples had fizzled out, except for Zeta and Timmy.


However, with the recent introduction of new bombshells - sibling duo Chazz and Bria - the strongest couple in the villa too have now broken up. Chazz chose Timmy for his sister Bria, leaving Zeta to be one of the two islanders on the chopping block.

Timmy revealed that he was interested in exploring a connection with Bria and was attracted to her. While some fans felt it was a legitimate feeling, others blamed him for not being open with Zeta about the same.

Why did Timmy choose Bria over Zeta on Love Island USA?

On tonight's episode of Love Island USA, a massive recoupling ended up being a disaster for Zeta and Timmy, who were regarded as the strongest couple this season, and who fans believed would go on until the end. With the introduction of siblings Chazz and Bria, things quickly changed.

Timmy was attracted to Bria right from the very first instant. However, he had a conversation with his then partner Zeta about where they stood. When Zeta asked if he could see them getting together in the long run, Timmy said:

"I can see myself with you outside of the villa..hundred percent. Do I know that to be true? Do I know what's gonna happen? I don't..I don' it's like..I want it with you, I want to focus on like day zero to now, and then continue to take each day at a time rather than focus on the other half of things, just cause of like, protection for us."

Later, when the Love Island USA contestant spoke to his guy mates about this interaction, he revealed that he was skeptical about his relationship with Zeta. Timmy said that her question about the couple's future outside the villa "tripped him out":

"That's such a far gone question bro. It's week one and it's like..I told her YES and I'm just thinking about what I said. I'm not trying to take it back..I'm just lie, yo! I don't even know how to operate, outside of this. I don't even know what your schedule is girl...that question kinda rubbed me the wrong way.."

Timmy confessed that he didn't want to be put in a situation yet where he had to answer such questions. Meanwhile, he tried to explore his connection with Bria and revealed that he was attracted to her. When Sereniti carried this information over to Zeta, the latter confronted him as she felt completely blindsided.

Fans have differing opinions about Timmy and Bria's coupling on Love Island USA

Viewers who watched the episode took to Twitter to express their shock at Timmy picking Bria over Zeta. Some, however, said that it was not a big deal.

Unpopular Opinion…I’m with Timmy on that one. Him and Zeta literally just met like 6 days ago. He should have said I mean it’s too soon to tell but yea his point is valid. #LoveIslandUSA
If I’m talking to a guy and 3 days later he asking me about the future , i too, would react the way Timmy did. #LoveIslandUSA
#LoveIslandUSA Timmy been nothing but respectful to zeta, why she screaming at him like that lol
#LoveIslandUSA I hate to say this but the way Zeta is behaving she needs to go like on Thursday it was Timmy’s choice to choose Bria to pursue a relationship and he was within his rights to do so I’m sorry but I feel that zeta was way out of line and needs to go now
Zeta needs to go home now. She humiliated Timmy by telling him to "kick rocks" over something he had absolutely no control over whatsoever. Zeta acts like a baby with her childish tantrums. She's not ready for love at all. @loveislandusa @peacockTV #LoveIslandUSA
I do think zeta’s behavior at the decoupling was a bit uncalled for just because Timmy was chosen, he did not choose to couple up with Bria… however let’s be real now, there was NO VIBE between Bria and Timmy I’m sorry… NO VIBE WHATSOEVER #LoveIslandUSA
So Timmy basically love bombed Zeta now he acting crazy that she don’t want him with other folks 😒😒😒#LoveIslandUSA
Is #Timmy on crack???? You going around telling EVERYBODY BUT ZETA how her asking that Q made you feel. It’s not that serious I promise you. You’re not in the outside & if it doesn’t work on the outside then break it off. What an idiot ##loveislandusa #loveislandseason4
Timmy stressing about not wearing the pants with Zeta, just wait until Bria #LoveIslandUSA
#loveislandusa y’all coming for Bria and I’m so confused… zeta and timmy aren’t married the point of the show is to make connections with people wether they are coupled up or not. let’s not act like she stole timmy from zeta as if he visibly didn’t want to be stolen 💀
Timmy just showed his first red flag yall. He’s literally all over Zeta acting all possessive talking about “I’m selfish, no one else can enjoy you baby Z” but when she asks if he sees them together outside of the villa he’s like “I’m taken aback” 💀💀💀 SIR #loveislandusa
Timmy talked to the guys, the audience, the love island crew members before talking to zeta about how he feels😑🥴 #loveislandusa
I was team Zeta and Timmy…until Timmy freaked out about Zeta asked a simple ass question. She didn’t pressure him at all, it was just a question lmao. I can’t. #LoveIslandUSA
I was rooting for Timmy up until this all I see are razor bumps and all I hear are lies #LoveIslandUSA
Timmy is giving me weird vibes. I get that you want to explore your options but leaving Zeta all of a sudden was unexpected. I hope Zeta stays and someone comes in for her. #LoveIslandUSA

During the recoupling session, the sibling duo had to pick each other's partners. While Chazz picked Timmy for his sister, Bria picked Sereniti for her brother. Now that the ultimate power lies with the Love Island USA islanders, and with Zeta and Tyler being single at the end of the episode, it will be interesting to see who the islanders choose to send home in the next episode.

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