“That seems weird”: Fans react to Chazz and Bria’s entry on Love Island USA as the new bombshells are siblings

A dramatic Love Island USA episode teased the entry of a sibling duo (Image via Instagram/bria__bryant,chazz.bryant9)
A dramatic Love Island USA episode teased the entry of a sibling duo (Image via Instagram/bria__bryant,chazz.bryant9)

Love Island USA aired a brand new episode on Sunday, July 24, 2022 at 9 pm ET on Peacock that was dramatic from start to finish. The one-hour packed time frame saw a recoupling session, a surprising elimination and complicated dynamics between the islanders. Viewers and loyal fans were fed a good amount of drama until the end when the audience saw two new bombshells set to enter the villa - what's worse? They are a sibling duo.

Siblings Chazz and Bria will be entering the villa on Tuesday night's episode of Love Island USA. The newcomers will bring the heat to the house and form connections with the cast members. However, fans were a little skeptical of the siblings being put on the show. One fan tweeted:

Wait , they are bringing on siblings? That seems.. weird #loveislandusa

Fans react to Love Island USA newcomers being siblings

As the newcomers are set to enter the villa, viewers were introduced to the fact that the duo are siblings. Fans were doubtful of a sibling duo being brought into the competition, considering that there are challenges that might not suit them well or would create unnecessary complications inside the house.

Both the siblings have dedicated Instagram accounts run by their brother. While Bria has over 8K followers, Chazz has more than 3K followers.

Fans of the show took to social media to express their opinions.

#loveislandusa bringing on a pair of siblings is terrifying in my eyes
they sending siblings in there?😭 #LoveIslandUSA
not the bombshell SIBLINGS #loveislandusa
siblings being comfortable enough to go on THIS type of show TOGETHER ?! nah. it’s giving flowers in the attic #LoveIslandUSA
But what if the siblings don’t get chosen and end up having to couple up together… 😬 #LoveIslandUSA
Siblings in the villa… they’re going to do challenges together with everyone making out and y’all don’t think there’s something off with that??? What about the heart race challenge 😭😭#LoveIslandUSA
Tbh these new siblings can go. Not feeling them and the fact they came together is cringe #loveislandusa
Why are we having SIBLINGS?!? #loveislandusa…

What transpired on Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 6?

Love Island USA Season 4 began its recent episode with the Kissing Booth challenge, which saw islanders kissing each other blindfolded and then rating each other's kisses. With the introduction of newbie Tyler Radziszewski, some of the women in the villa were keen to get to know him.

Now that Tyler's presence increased the number of men in the villa, it became evident that an elimination was around the corner. This also meant that the current pairs had to undergo a recoupling session. It soon brought about tension in the house as cast members started figuring out who they connected with best and whether their existing connection was worthy enough to choose them again.

Love Island USA contestant Jesse was criticized by fans for playing both sides in the previous episode. Although he was happy to be recoupled with then newbie Valerie and assured her of having a great connection, his mind was still going back to Deb. He intended to keep both ladies in the loop and explore his connections.

But Valerie opened up about the same to Deb and realized he'd been telling the same tale to both of them. In a confessional, she said:

"I'm feeling very much disrespected right now. Apparently this whole time...Jesse has been telling me and Deb the same things..and everybody knew except for me. Don't tell us the same thing.."

Meanwhile, Andy felt that he didn't feel a spark with his partner Mady and wanted to explore his connection with Sydney. He confessed that the latter was easier to talk to and that he enjoyed her company, while Mady confessed that although she was "into him." it was taking time for her to open up.

During the recoupling session, Love Island USA contestant Andy chose Isaiah's partner Sydney over Mady, leaving Isaiah flabbergasted. After he accused Andy and Sydney of coupling up without him knowing, he went ahead and picked Mady.

Other couples that came out as a result of recoupling include: Zeta and Timmy, Felipe and Courtney, Tyler and Sereniti, and Jesse and Deb. Valerie Bragg (Val) was the first contestant to be eliminated from the show.

More about Love Island USA Season 4

We are all Zemmy in this moment. 😮 #LoveIslandUSA

The hit series started off with 10 islanders who entered the villa in an effort to find love. They were welcomed by viewers who instantly picked out their favorites and already had a set couple in mind. However, the introduction of five newbies so far has already seen effect in the dynamic shifts that are taking place with respect to the connections formed this season.

Tune in to an all-new episode of Love Island USA on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 9 pm ET on Peacock.

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