Why did Gabriela Barragan want to quit Below Deck Sailing Yacht? Second stew confides in Ashley Marti

Gabriela Barragan from Below Deck Sailing Yacht (Image via Instagram/_littlegaby)
Gabriela Barragan from Below Deck Sailing Yacht (Image via Instagram/_littlegaby)

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 aired Episode 8 on Monday, featuring Parsifal III crew members having disagreements with each other.

Gabriela Barragan, who usually gets into arguments with Ashley Marti, had a feud with chef Marcos Spaziani. In the previous episode, the latter threw Barragan under the bus when Daisy Kelliher asked about charter guests’ meals. The chef claimed Barragan didn’t inform him, but in reality, she did.

Since then, Barragan was given the cold shoulder by Spaziani, which led to the second stew being super drunk. As a result, she created a whole lot of drama, upsetting her boss Kelliher.

Will Gabriela Barragan quit her job?

Gabriela Barragan has always had issues with Ashley Marti, who was seen being jealous of the former from the beginning. The two have always had a professional rivalry, but things have taken a personal turn since Barragan hooked up with Gary King.

In the latest episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Marti was seen trash-talking Barragan after the latter climbed on King’s bed while being drunk. This made Marti jealous, and she then said a lot of things which made Kelliher angry.

Kelliher has always tried to keep her team members together and avoid drama by getting involved in their feuds. This time, she had enough of Barragan and Marti’s drama and was disappointed in her team. The next day, Barragan went to the chief stew to apologize for her behavior. Kelliher seemed angry and claimed to be disappointed with Barragan’s drinking and goof-ups.

The criticism didn’t sit down well with Barragan, and she confided in Ashley Marti. While viewers were in shock to see Barragan sharing her feelings with Marti, the latter comforted her and promised not to spill the beans. During the conversation, Barragan confessed that she was feeling embarrassed about last night and would like to gain Kelliher’s respect. The second stew broke down and said that she would like to quit. Marti was then seen consoling Barragan and telling her that she was feeling low because of her stress.

Although Barragan felt better after having a chat with Marti, it is not clear whether she decided to stay or quit Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

What happened in Below Deck Sailing Yacht Episode 8?

The latest episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 featured a few spats, meltdowns, and drunken situations among crew members.

Daisy Kelliher and Gary King started the episode with a fight, and the latter blamed Kelliher for not handling her team better. He was upset with the fact that a deckhand had to do a stew’s job. However, Kelliher and the entire crew came to help when King and Captain Shephard were trying to deal with new fenders on the yacht.

Meanwhile, King was seen kissing Ashley Marti as everyone was returning to the yacht after having dinner. Later, a drunk Gabriela Barragan was seen climbing on King's bed, and this turned Marti jealous.

The official synopsis of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Episode 8 reads:

“The conflict between Gary and Daisy further escalates following their disagreement about their departments. Between the massive new fenders and being a man down, it takes the whole crew to manage a chaotic docking. Ashley finds herself in both physical and emotional pain after witnessing Gabriela and Gary in bed together, but she isn't the only one frustrated with the second stew.”

It further stated:

“After a tense dinner, Gabriela's relationships with her fellow crew members spiral out of control leaving her questioning whether or not she can continue the season. With a new charter comes new problems when an exhausted Gary is injured while trying to manage all the exterior duties without a second deckhand.”

Previously, Tom Pearson was fired by Captain Shephard, so a new deckhand would soon join the staff in upcoming episodes.

The next episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 will air on Monday, April 18 at 8.00 pm ET on Bravo.

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