Why was Kyle Dickard arrested? Bravo star lands in controversy again days after getting fired on Below Deck Adventure

Kyle Dickard was recently fired from Below Deck Adventure
Kyle Dickard was recently fired from Below Deck Adventure (Image via Bravo)

Kyle Dickard, recently fired from Bravo's Below Deck Adventure, has landed in another controversy. According to TMZ, he was arrested last weekend for running onto a soccer field, allegedly hitting a security guard, and bribing cops.

As per reports, the Texas-born created a ruckus at DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in front of 17,000 spectators. TMZ further stated that the audience cheered for the Below Deck Adventure alum as he charged onto the field, avoiding getting caught.

Kyle had apparently shared the clip on his Instagram handle but later made his account private. In the video, he was seen shirtless, holding a Colombian flag, and running toward the soccer field while the security guards tried to get a hold of him. He initially dodged before the guards tackled him to the ground.

Kyle Dickard is facing three charges

Kyle Dickard is facing charges on three counts: disorderly conduct, resisting without violation, and bribery of a public servant. In a copy of the arrest affidavit obtained by Starcasm, the arresting officer's narrative has been mentioned. It reads:

“As security attempted to escort the DEF [Kyle] off the field, he was pulling from security and not complying. At some point during the scuffle, the DEF swung his arm to evade security, striking the security guard in the face. Security tackled DEF to the ground and walked him off the field to police. Police gave the DEF a lawful order to “come over the wall” and grabbed the DEF’s left arm. The DEF pulled his arm away from Police and ran back onto the field where he was tackled by security again.”

The police report further stated that Kyle was resisting arrest when security guards tried to handcuff him. It also mentioned that the reality TV star's behavior encouraged the crowd to throw beer cans at police and security.

The report continued:

“Once in custody, the defendant made multiple offers to “break off” and pay police officers $300 in exchange for letting him go.”

On Sunday, Kyle was taken to Broward County jail at midnight. He was soon released after he "posted his $7,500 bond." The next day, the charges were officially filed against him.

Kyle was fired from Below Deck Adventure


Below Deck Adventure premiered on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, featuring a new group of Bravo cast members. From the start, Kyle came out as someone with a strong personality. Within three episodes, he had a feud with a fellow crew member, annoyed his bosun, and flirted with a female cast member in front of charter guests.

The primary reason that got him fired was his rude behavior with co-star Nathan Morley. The latter took the matter directly to Captain Kerry Titheradge, who decided to let go of Kyle. He gave Kyle the option to resign, which the deckhand accepted.

Before the show's premiere, Bravo hinted at a similar outcome in Kyle's bio. It read:

“With over five years of experience on sea, Kyle is a strong deckhand excited to sail new waters. His southern charm often gets him out of trouble, but when he gets into a disagreement with another crew member, he finds himself in hot water.”

Post Kyle's exit, the cast of Below Deck Adventure includes Captain Kerry, chef Jessica Condy, chief stew Faye Clarke, stews Oriana Schneps and Kasie Faddah, and bosun Lewis Lupton and his deckhands Michael Gilman, and Nathan Morely.

Below Deck Adventure season 1 airs new episodes every Tuesday at 9.00 pm ET on Bravo.

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