Why is ‘sounds like a 2023 problem’ trending on Twitter? Memes aplenty as year comes to an end 

'Sounds like a 2023 problem' phrase goes viral on Twitter. (image via Pixabay, Twitter/@TiiuAshcraft)

With the year 2022 ending soon, Twitter has a new meme called, ‘sounds like a 2023 problem’ going viral. The crux of the meme is that worldly problems that need attention can wait till 2023. For the rest of December, everyone just wants to relax and immerse themselves in the holiday spirit.

Although it’s only early December, some people have already gotten into the festive spirit and have taken the “no stress till January 1” motto quite strictly into account. The mind can deal with all the annoying tasks in 2023, as they are no longer 2022’s problems.

Netizens are using the phrase as a quick retort to express their reluctance to do something they don’t want to do at the time being.

For example, if one’s boss asks them to organize a conference at work, for the employee, that would sound like a 2023 problem. If one is required to send an important email they don't wish to write, they would reply by saying, “that sounds like a 2023 problem.”

People do not wish to put an ounce of effort into anything right now other than cherishing the festive month. All the serious work demanding attention is 2023’s problem.

Twitter is flooded with memes like these, and netizens are using the phrase in even the most trivial scenarios, making the matter more comical.

Where did Twitter get the ‘sounds like a 2023 problem’ meme from?

The phrase went viral on Twitter when someone made a meme out of a Super Bowl commercial starring Will Ferrell.

The ad came out in 2011 and Ferrell was shown walking through a field, wearing a casual outfit. He then walked towards the camera, came closer, and stopped. A can of Old Milwaukee beer was tossed at him from somewhere and Ferrell caught it.

He cracked the can open and sprayed it around. Ferrell collaborated with the alcoholic beverage brand for free because of his immense love for beer.

Someone used a still from this ad to post a meme on Twitter. It captured the exact moment when Ferrell opened the can with some sort of a stubborn expression on his face. They added a caption to the Twitter image that said:

“My response to anything work related in the next month”.

Then on the image itself, at the bottom, they wrote:

“sounds like a 2023 problem”.

The individual meant to convey the message that they won’t be paying heed to any work-related tasks during the last month of 2022. These tasks are to be done in 2023 because this is the last month of the year and one should not be spending it worrying about work. They should be celebrating, partying, and indulging in the festivities.

Since then, the phrase has taken over Twitter and other social media platforms as many have made their own memes using the popular phrase.

2023 to be the year of the Rabbit

As per the Chinese calendar, the Lunar New Year for 2023 will start on January 22 and end on February 9, 2024. For Feng Shui followers, the year of the Rabbit will start on this day.


Chinese astrology says that each year has a ruling animal sign. These signs bear important indications regarding what the year has in store for individuals. Here, the Rabbit is deemed as a quick, calm, gentle, and alert animal which symbolizes prosperity, longevity, and peace in Chinese culture. Although not the strongest animal, it is said that a rabbit’s speed and charm attracts lovers, fertility, money, and success.

2023 is predicted to be a year of hope.

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