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10 WWE Surprise twists fans didn't see coming

Ellis Mbeh, known affectionately on social media as
Ellis Mbeh, known affectionately on social media as 'Shocked Undertaker Guy."
Modified 03 Apr 2021
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In any form of entertainment, there is always the concern that those people who consume said entertainment will be able to guess the conclusion.

It happened with George RR Martin's Game of Thrones series, where so many fans guessed the eventual conclusion to the "Song of Fire and Ice" saga that the author allegedly changed it. The Russo brothers, directors of the hit Avengers movies Infinity War and Endgame, didn't even give complete scripts to their actors in fear that some tidbit might be leaked online about how the story would end.

The world of sports entertainment is no different than the rest. Fans, especially those who have been watching pro wrestling for a very long time, can sometimes predict what's going to happen next. This isn't always a tragedy since a well-crafted storyline will lend itself to a particular ending, but sometimes it can be an annoyance for the creative types in the back office.

But then the opposite is sometimes true. Sometimes, the fans are taken completely by surprise by a particular storyline conclusion or twist. When this happens, wrestling fans take note.

Here are ten times that WWE has surprised fans.

#1: The higher power is revealed

Who was the
Who was the 'higher power' ruling over the Undertaker? Not who anyone expected.

Journey with us back to the Attitude Era in 1998, a time of chair shots and beer-guzzling antiheroes. During this time in WWE, two factions emerged vying for power over the WWE.

The first was the Corporation stable, comprised of The Rock, Triple H, Ken Shamrock and others, led by Vince McMahon. The other was the Ministry of Darkness, led by Undertaker and featuring men like Farooq, Bradshaw and Viscera.

It seemed as if the two groups were at each other's throats. The Undertaker delivered Stephanie McMahon's teddy bear to Vince and set it on fire. He then crucified the CEO's daughter on live television.


So when the Undertaker started hinting at a 'higher power' who was directing him in his bid to take over WWE, everyone turned to speculation. Names like Kevin Sullivan and Jake the Snake Roberts were floated about, as well as several WCW stars whose contracts were known to end in that time period.

Fans were taken totally by surprise, however, when the Undertaker revealed the higher power as Vince McMahon himself. His evil smile and catchphrase "it was me, Austin. It was me all along!" have joined the ranks of internet memedom, proof of the twist's lasting impact.

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Published 03 Apr 2021, 12:28 IST
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