WWE History Vol. 18: Best Christmas Moments

On WWE programming, no one is safe, not even Santa Claus.
On WWE programming, no one is safe, not even Santa Claus.

Ho Ho Ho! With Christmas just around the corner, take a look back at the best holiday-themed moments from WWE History. Toys for tots? More like Stunners for Santa!

Ah, the holiday season. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, the Yuletide, Kwanzaa, or nothing at all, you can still appreciate the trappings of the season.

From delicious baked goods to ugly sweaters, from the scent of evergreen to freshly fallen snow, there's a lot to love about the holidays. But while some of us are gathering together with friends and family, the WWE Superstars are still doing what they do best; causing mayhem and beating the snot out of each other.

A promotion like the WWE, which has been around for decades, of course has enjoyed a number of holiday themed moments over the years. Ever since the Monday Night Wars, when RAW began airing live every week, it's become more convenient for WWE to have holiday themed antics. Most of the time, these moments are played for laughs.

Without further ado, here are the ten best Christmas and holiday moments from WWE history. A certain Texas Rattlesnake pops up a few times on our list, so keep your eyes peeled lest you eat a Stone Cold Stunner!

#10 A Very Special DX Christmas

Admit it; You want Santa to drop this off in your stocking this year.
Admit it; You want Santa to drop this off in your stocking this year.

Degeneration X has a storied history in WWE. They began as a heel team, with the villainous Shawn Michaels and Triple H trying their best to get fired so they could join their 'friends down south' (a thinly veiled reference to Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, who had joined WCW a year prior).

Eventually, the faction would transition to babyface, and the addition of the New Age Outlaws brought the stable up to full strength. Years later, DX would pop up again, but this time only featuring Triple H and HBK as they tormented Vince McMahon with their sophomoric antics.

One hilarious moment happened when DX filmed their own Christmas themed merch hawking bit on RAW. Michaels complained about being cold while watching a WWE DVD, and Triple H offered him a blanket. HBK then complained that either his arms were cold or that he couldn't reach his snacks. So the quick-thinking Triple H provided his best friend with a DX Snuggie -- blanket with arm holes.

Of course, then he showed HBK a match on the DVD where Triple H pummeled his 'best friend'...

This was at a time when DX had a separate segment each week on RAW to showcase their hilarious yet edgy skits. Add Hornswoogle to the mix and you will surely have some goofy subplots as well.

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Edited by Nicholas A. Marsico
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