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10 stupid things done by footballers that were illegal

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There are times in life when one does absolutely inscrutable things. Whether a moment of madness or a pre-planned mischief, we are all guilty of doing things which sometimes push the boundaries of law/ convention. And when footballers display their petty sides, it makes the news. Contrary to popular belief, footballers are human and have the tendency to do something that can’t really be explained away.Be it their drunken histrionics or their slightly difficult to believe fantasies, here are some petty incidents involving footballers that were/ are illegal: 

#1 Glen Johnson and the prized Toilet seat

Most thieves steal things like gold, diamond, jewellery and so on. Not Glen Johnson – he steals toilet seats. 

One would think that a footballer playing at Portsmouth, on loan from Chelsea, and earning £30000 per week doesn’t really need to steal as he has enough money to get what he wants.

However, Johnson, along with then Millwall striker Ben May, thought it was too much of a waste of money to spend so much on a thing as trivial as a toilet seat. But as he is a footballer, he couldn’t have any cheap toilet seats at his home as it would hurt his image.

A big dilemma right there. So what does he do? He puts the toilet seat in a box with a cheaper price tag. That didn’t turn out so well as the ultimate result was what he feared: tarnishing of his image and spending the extra cash as he had to pay an £80 fine.

Added to this, the Liverpool right-back also hid a set of taps underneath a sink – which was on his cart – to avoid paying for them. One could be forgiven for thinking that Johnson wasn’t really at his thinking best that fine day.

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