10 Things about Randy Orton that you may have forgotten


Call him a duck champion or call him stale but you can never ignore the fact that Randy Orton is one of the top dogs in the professional wrestling business at the moment. Orton has an immense talent of attracting hate from all around the world and he has been showcasing these skills for almost a decade now. Though he had many face runs, Orton still stands out in his heel gimmick.Throughout his career, Orton has made many controversial moves that brought his personal life into the limelight. However, being in a kayfabe business has always come to his aid and the WWE has managed to bury all this and project Orton as something else.So let’s spend some time digging into Orton’s controversial past and refresh our memories with things about the Viper that we may have forgotten.

#10 Pranks on Divas

Well the word “Prank” would be a niche for the things that Orton did to the emerging Divas back in the time.

Back in 2005 when WWE was conducting Diva searches every now and then, Orton had a reputation of sneaking around the ladies locker room and making chaos with his tasteless pranks.

Orton was reported to have excreted in the bags of Amy Webber who was a diva in WWE for some time. Meanwhile another former diva Rochelle Loewen (in the pic) recalled that Orton had some real issues with beautiful women and classified him as pathetic in an interview given during that time.

It’s an old tale now and Orton hasn’t been reported of doing such things after that which itself is a great thing to know.

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