Stacy Keibler


Full NameStacy Ann-Marie Keibler

BornOctober 14, 1979

Height5′ 11″



Stacy Ann-Marie Keibler is an American retired professional wrestler, former cheerleader, actress, dancer, and model. She is best known for her work with WCW and WWE.

Professional Wrestling Career

WCW (1999-2001)

In 1999, Keibler entered a contest to become a Nitro Girl. In November, she won the contest and earned $10,000. In 2000, she became a Nitro Girl and began performing regularly on weekly television.

She later transitioned into a valet and became a manager to David Flair. She was involved in a pregnancy angle with David Flair, Ric Flair, and Vince Russo, but they dropped the angle. In 2001, she wrestled weekly before the merger.


WWF (2001-2006)

Manager, McMahon, and Test (2001-2003)

After the Invasion storyline, Keibler began managing The Dudley Boyz. At No Mercy, she lost to Torrie Wilson in a lingerie match. She managed The Dudley Boyz at WrestleMania XVIII. At Judgement Day, she faced Trish Stratus for the Women's Championship and lost.

In 2002, she was drafted to SmackDown. She turned heel and was involved in a storyline with Vince McMahon. During her time on SmackDown, she continued her feud with Torrie. The storyline with McMahon ended when Stephanie McMahon became the general manager.

In 2003, she was moved to RAW where she began a romantic angle with Test. The couple became quite popular. However, Test began insulting her, which led to Scott Steiner's feud with Test. The rivalry concluded when Test and Steiner worked as a tag team and fired Keibler.


Various Feuds and Departure (2003-2006)

In 2004, Keibler began working in Divas Search contest and Fantasy Battle Royale. In 2005, she had an on-screen relationship with Randy Orton. However, the relationship ended before WrestleMania XXI. She began teaming up with The Hurricane and Rosey as Super Stacy and managed them. She took part in bikini contests and appeared on the Playboy cover before departing with the company. In 2021, she inducted Tori Wilson into the WWE Hall of Fame.


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