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5 instances in Formula 1 where teammates simply hated each other

Dhruv George
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There’s rivalry outside a team – and Formula One had many of those. Then there’s intra-team rivalry, which can be good for competition – but taken too far can result in serious fractures within the team, sometimes irreparable.Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg’s rivalry is now in the spotlight after the formerly close friends are reported to be at loggerheads and struggling to get along, each feeling that the other is favoured by team Mercedes.But for now, we delve into the past of Formula One and look into some of its most iconic rivalries.

#5 Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet- Williams

Nigel Mansell Nelson Piquet Williams
At odds (and ends) Williams teammates Mansell(L) and Piquet did not like each other

Piquet was a notoriousdriver, known to try and psych out his teammates and rivals with his mind games, and his rivalry with Mansell was no different. This was a classic case of an experienced driver meets his match in the form of a young upstart who threatens his number 1 status in the team but Piquet even went as far as insulting Mansell and his wife.

Initially, Mansell simply let his driving do the talking but that didnt last as Piquet pushed his mental barriers beyond the limit. Their bitter war in 1986 eventually cost them a chance at the title, with Prost quietly plucking it from under their very noses.

Ultimately the moral of the story is: Battle your teammate by all means, but just remember you are not the only ones on the track or in contention for the title. Case in point: the 2007 F1 drivers championship went to Kimi Raikkonen, after slip ups from Alonso and Hamilton.

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