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5 instances when technology hindered play in cricket

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Technological advances and innovations have served to enhance the experience of watching and playing cricket for the most part. Fans are being offered an unprecedented access to real time information which enriches their enjoyment of the game.The players benefit from the introduction of technical tools as well. Date is being processed at breakneck speeds and the teams can have access to a multitude of information about every tiny detail of a match. During the match, the players get to utilize technology to support or refute decisions of the umpires. The umpires on field can ask the third umpire to take a look at the action as well.But there are instances when technology has served as an obstacle and hindrance to the on field play as well. Here is a look at 5 such instances when technology proved to be a bane rather than a boon in cricket matches. 

#1 Spider Camera

The infamous Spidercam

The field of play in cricket is supposed to be the batsmans hunting ground with the fielders serving as obstacles. The batsmen does not need any other arbitrary object obstructing the field and potentially blocking runs or deflecting the course of a ball.

When Virat Kohli smashed a John Hastings delivery to the boundary in the India-Australia ODI, he dind't expect a piece of equipment depriving him of four runs. The ball hit the Spidercam and was declared dead.

MS Dhoni wasn't pleased with the intrusion of the Spidercam. "I am quite a traditional guy," he said. "Anything that disturbs the game of cricket I don't like it."

"I always feel there is always a need for a balance. At the end of the day, it's a spectators' sport, people watching on television, but at the same time four runs can really matter." Dhoni added.

Dhoni even called for a penalty for the Spidercam in jest. "Everyone gets penalised, why not have the same system for the Spidercam? Say, 'Okay if you get hit, $2,000 per hit.' Let's make it interesting," he joked.

Australian captain Steve Smith complimented the fielding saying: "He was probably our best fielder tonight, Spidercam. He saved four."

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