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5 veterans who could become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion

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Can Chris Jericho become WWE Champion again?WWE has reached an interesting time – with many veteran full-timers  out injured, there is no experienced wrestler base to guide the up and comers. True, Triple H is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but he doesn’t wrestle week in and week out.So does this mean that the younger lot will usher in a new era by becoming WWE World Champion?Well, that might not happen as long as the following list of WWE veterans remaining put with the company. This article takes a look at 5 veterans who can become the WWE World Heavyweight Champions in the future.No, the list does not contain those veterans like Kane, The Big show and even Chris Jericho who have no realistic chance of becoming the WWE Champion again.Note: A wrestler qualifies as a veteran if he has had at least 10 years’ experience with the company or if he made his main roster debut over ten years ago.

#1 John Cena

Once again?

The most obvious choice.

It is a given that John Cena will once again climb to the top of the wrestling mountain once he returns from injury. There isn’t anybody in the WWE other than Cena and Randy Orton who have seen it all in the company.

A near 15-year presence on the main roster, Cena has won championships, main evented every PPV imaginable and is undeniably the synonym for the WWE over the last decade.

Hardcore fans might boo and dismiss him for being too cheesy, however, the truth remains that Cena always generates a reaction from the crowd.

No other main eventer has put so many young talents over and it is a testament to Cena’s love for the business that he has remained rooted to the one-dimensional good guy image whereas it would have been more satisfying for him to accept a heel persona and relive his former ‘Chain gang’ avatar which suits him best.

Sooner or later, WWE is going to want to have the king back on top – no, I am not talking about Roman Reigns or the self-booked King of Kings who is the current champion. The current break might just do Cena a world of good, giving time for the fans to miss him and want him back.

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