5 most biased commentators in cricket today

Channel 9’s Nicholas 
Modified 24 Aug 2015
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Shane Warne and David Llyod during World Cup 2015Cricket commentators are important: they are the yin to the yang, or, in cricketing terms, the Jayawardene to Sangakkara. While the action unfolds, the addition of an excellent wordsmith to describe each play just enhances the spectacle.But not all commentators make the sofa-viewing experience quite so enjoyable. Instead of explaining the game with no declared allegiance, they consistently act as if their role is one of being a team’s on-demand spokesman. You know the type - the ones who would rather dismiss the fact their side was skittled for 100, in favour of discussing that tail-ender who struck an exquisite 25. Alright, maybe that example was a tad far-fetched, but you get the picture.Here are five commentators whose bias just makes you want to grab your remote control and press that mute button. They aren’t bad guys, just bad commentators.

#1 Mark Nicholas

Mark Nicholas strikes as a pretty affable person and someone whose company you wouldn’t mind - although, with the amount of cricket coverage he anchors and commentates on, it’s not as if one has much choice - but that doesn’t excuse him from being a biased commentator. He fronts - as well as commentates on - Australia’s infamous Channel 9 gang, and Channel Five’s highlights packages in the United Kingdom. Therefore, Australians and Englishmen see a lot of Nicholas.

Last year, he said: “We are delighted it’s a pretty comfortable win in the end,” after Australia saw off South Africa in a one-day international. Nicholas had no qualms with blatantly siding with the host nation, even if it presented him, and the network, as unbelievably biased. We get that the majority of the viewers would have been Australian, but that doesn’t mean the commentators partisan. Their role is to talk about the story, not make it. What’s more, Nicholas isn’t even Australian!

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Published 24 Aug 2015
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