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5 unforgettable moments in the India-South Africa rivalry

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Moments are magic; they are life. Every single moment builds up and adds to what we call life. They alter the moods of people; some moments bring a smile to the face while some others become the source of tears.In a world such as this, where misery is more prevalent than anything else, sports brings about moments that make people forget about worldly pains and sufferings for some time at least. Not all moments are pleasant, though, as sometimes even the game becomes the cause of damning agony.As India and South Africa lock horns, this rivalry of two decades is about to have more moments added to its canvas. However, we take a look at the days gone by and list 5 of the best memories weaved by these two giants.

#1 Sachin ball tampering

Sachin Tendulkar’s ball tampering ban led to a flood of controversy

The Little Master is revered as the best batsman to have played the game, but he is also respected for another thing: gentlemen conduct. It is not only his batting skills one look up to, but his incredible personality both on and off the pitch.

So when this man was accused of tampering the ball against South Africa in 2001, it raised a galactic storm in which match referee and prime accuser, Mike Denness, found himself reeling.

As Sachin Tendulkar started bowling his cunning medium pacers, it was apparent that he was getting way more swing than any of his team-mates. As a result, the commentators, out of pure curiosity, wanted to take a closer look on how he was gripping the ball.

A careful look revealed Sachin trying to clean the dust between the seam of the ball, something which didn’t go down well with Denness.

In the end, the legend was banned or one game for ball tampering charges and a huge controversy followed, which we would leave out for another day.

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