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Five TNA superstars who can jump ships to WWE

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Ge them back already!Of late, it seems as though WWE have changed their policy of making their own superstars, instead of going after the reputed “indy darlings”. Superstars such as Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and now, the likes of Apollo Crews and James Storm point to the magnitude of this transition. Earlier, WWE were skeptical in bringing in those who had traveled all over the world and honed their craft, and the last of those casualties was Chris Hero.With WWE’s idea of creating a prototypical superstar, starting from scratch now changing, thanks to Triple H and his vision for NXT, WWE has been bringing superstars from Japan, and very recently, TNA Wrestling. Samoa Joe and James Storm, who were the TNA mainstays for several years decided to jump ships to NXT, and the fans have welcomed them with open arms.With TNA going through a rough financial situation, and their TV deal still remaining an uncertainty, the migration of these superstars hasn’t come as a surprise. However, there are talented individuals in TNA, and with WWE now being more open to signing the superstars from other companies, we look at the possibility of five superstars from TNA who can jump ships to the WWE in the near future.

#5 Ethan Carter III

Carter has it all – The look, talent, and potential

WWE, much like any organization sometimes is guilty of complacency, and in turn doesn’t utilize a superstar to his/her full potential.

While, in the past, superstars such as Shelton Benjamin got the short end of the stick, there are two superstars in the past that showed potential, but weren’t given many opportunities. Both those superstars now work for TNA – Ethan Carter III and Drew Galloway, with the former being a one-time TNA world champion.

Ethan lived up to his billing in TNA, where he received the opportunity to showcase his true potential. With good in – ring and mic skills, Ethan can be a top heel in any organization, and although he would be apprehensive to return to the organization that failed to push him in the first place, Triple H would now know that EC III can be the future of the company, similar to the likes of Randy Orton during his Evolution days.

#4 The Hardy Boyz

Could a return be on the cards for the Hardys?

With the Dudleys returning to the WWE, reports surfaced online about WWE’s interest in bringing back the Hardys from TNA.

These rumors were followed by reports that Matt expressed his desire to return to the WWE, and with Matt recently winning the TNA World Heavyweight championship, everyone believed that it was a statement from the company that Matt wouldn’t be going anywhere.

However, as things turned out, TNA had to come up with a storyline to take the title off of Hardy and has since announced a tournament to crown the new TNA World Heavyweight champion. Many saw this as a Chris Benoit – esque situation back in WCW, when WCW put the title on Benoit to keep him with the organization. Benoit, however, jumped ships to the WWE, forcing WCW to change the storyline and strip him off the title.

#3 The Wolves

The Wolves during their run as the tag team champions

In the past few years, there have been many tag teams cropping up on the independent circuit, while very few of them have attracted the attention of the hardcore wrestling fans.

While WWE messed up with Chris Hero in the WWE, essentially ruining the potential reunion of the Kings of Wrestling (Cesaro and Hero), they couldn’t capitalize on the Young Bucks either.

But if there has been one team which is considered to be the best in the business today, and they’re the team of Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards - The Wolves. TNA acted first and signed up the duo, but with WWE slowly but surely signing up some of the best talents on the professional wrestling scene today, it is very much possible that they’d sign The Wolves up the first chance they get in the future.

#2 Austin Aries

Austin Aries during his run as the TNA World Heavyweight champion

If there was one superstar who was made for the business, it has to be Austin Aries. Charisma, talent and a penchant for showboating – Aries has everything it takes to make it big in the business.

After his phenomenal run on the independent circuit, Aries signed with TNA and had an amazing run as the X – Division champion. Often compared to a certain CM Punk, everyone expected Aries to reach for the brass ring in TNA, and he did exactly that by becoming the TNA World Heavyweight champion.

However, TNA failed to capitalize on Aries’ momentum, and he was soon relegated down the pecking order. Aries is one of the more vocal people in the business, and his rebellious attitude has sometimes landed him in the doghouse. Nonetheless, Aries is one of the few gifted wrestlers, who can easily put on the best match of the night with any opponent.

With WWE recruiting the likes of Samoa Joe and more recently, James Storm, there is a good possibility that Aries will end up signing with the WWE in the near future.

#1 Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode has the ‘It’ factor

James Storm’s arrival in the WWE wasn’t a big shock, considering his phenomenal run in TNA.

Storm. however, is remembered for his exploits in the tag team division, first with Chris Harris as a part of ‘America’s Most Wanted’, and then later alongside Bobby Roode. Beer Money Inc. will definitely go down as one of the best tag teams in the organization’s history, and Storm’s partner was just as instrumental in the team’s success.

Bobby Roode is a bona fide superstar. With his amazing in–ring skills and his ability to pull off any gimmick, Roode was once considered to be the flag bearer of the organization. However, with certain higher ups being skeptical of Roode’s ability to lead the company, he never truly realized his full potential, although he continues to be a franchise player in the organization. But one would expect that it is just a matter of time before Roode signs up with the WWE and chases his destiny.

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