12 of the best football tweets from the year 2015

The 2015 social media landscape gave us some amazing footballing zingersThe year 2015 saw football clubs going through various ups and downs, teams won and lost, managers got sacked and while some won many plaudits. Now that we are living in the age of an omnipresent social media, one can certainly not ignore the Twitter world.Various Twitter handles were at their brilliant best in 2015, mocking various football teams, managers, players and everyone associated with the game. Some took to Twitter to make fun of their rival teams, some made fun of their own. Apart from the funny tweets we get to see each day from the fans, we also have the players who take it to the social media to express themselves.Whatever the case, these Tweets made us all laugh with amusement or grin with displeasure, depending upon the teams we follow.Here are the best football tweets from the year 2015.

#1 Cristiano Ronaldo\'s response to why no Messi-based movie was made

Cristiano Ronaldo’s autobiographical movie ‘Ronaldo’, was the talk of the town in 2015 and the hype surrounding it was immense. A high profile premier of the movie in London followed, filled with big names in football associated with the Portuguese and also ‘an attempt to break the world record of most selfies taken in three minutes’.

The three-time Ballon d’Or winner appeared on a number of TV shows in order to promote his movie. On one such occasion, he was interviewed in The Jonathan Ross Show where he was talking about the movie and how he was surprised that he was made the subject of a film. The host then quizzed him on why his biggest rival in the game, Lionel Messi, was not approached for the movie by the producers.

Ronaldo gave a rather tongue-in-cheek reply to the question and said: “I understand them, because they were looking for the best player in the world so...”

#2 Paris Saint-Germain vs Ryan Giggs

Angel Di Maria’s disastrous spell with Manchester United came to a halt this year as he joined Paris Saint Germain in the summer transfer window. Probably, the Argentine was destined to join Les Parisiens as he signed for the Red Devils in 2014 after being continuously linked with the French champions.

The move prompted PSG defender Thiago Silva to say that Di Maria had moved to a bigger club than the 20-time English Champions. The comment did raise quite a few eyebrows, with most agreeing that the Brazilian went a little over the top there.

The Irish bookmaker site, Paddy Power went a step ahead and proved that how naive the comment was. They compared the history of the Paris-based club to that of Man United legend Ryan Giggs and the result was certainly an eye-opening one for Thiago Silva.

#3 Borussia Monchengladbach respond to a fan\'s sacking on Football Manager

Andy Murray, not the tennis player, but a random Bolton Wanderers fan, tweeted a post saying that he’d been sacked by Borussia Monchengladbach in the Football Manager 2015 game. He would not have expected that the club would reply to the tweet, however, the official Twitter handle of Die Fohlen did reply to his post and had a near perfect response for it.

The club gave a cheeky reply saying, “sorry but the results simply weren’t good enough!”. Well, Murray did not stop there and replied: “After giving it some thought, surely I’m owed some compensation”. Surely the club was not going to give a reply for that one now.

#4 Hamza-Al-Mourinho?!

Well, it’s hard to believe that Chelsea won the Premier League just seven months ago. However, if we cast our memories back to the 2014-15 season, the Blues were brimming with confidence.

They faced Stoke City at Stamford Bridge earlier in April when Loic Remy’s goal in the second half gave the to-be champions a 2-1 win. Supposedly, Mourinho did a ‘sajda’ celebration after the Frenchman’s goal which prompted a tweet saying that the Portuguese has accepted Islam.

The win for Chelsea might be considered a shocker now, but back then, those three points sent them seven points clear at top of the table.

#5 Harry(Kane) aaj aap dikhe nahi, Kahan the?

Manchester United welcomed Tottenham Hotspur to Old Trafford on the ‘Ides of March’, and thrashed them 3-0, courtesy of a goal each from Fellaini, Carrick and Rooney. This was the same match when the United captain performed his famous ‘knock-out’ celebration.

Harry Kane was in scintillating form prior to the game and was expected to create some trouble for the Red Devils’ defense. As it turned out, he was not able to do much as the home team cruised to a win.

Manchester United ‘Hindi’, which is run by a group of United fans posted a tweet after the match mocking Kane. The translation of the tweet goes,

Reporter: Harry, couldn’t see you today, where were you?

Kane: In my limits!

#6 Good boy Rosicky

The tweet from Arsenal Hindi shows Mesut Ozil, Tomasz Rosicky and Per Mertesacker sitting alongside Alex Scott, who is Arsenal Ladies team defender. Notably, both Ozil and Mertersacker are looking towards Scott, but good guy Rosicky has nothing to do with the lady sitting beside him as he is probably thinking about what his mother might have cooked at home!

Ozil: Bhai(Dude) Tota (synonym for a good looking girl, though it literally means ‘parrot’ in hindi!)

Mertesacker: Maal (another hindi synonym for a good looking girl!) hai bhai (Yes dude)

Rosicky: My mother might have cooked “kadhi chawal” (a popular dish in India) for lunch. It’s going to be fun!

#7 Sterling to help fill the empty Etihad seats

Raheem Sterling signed for Manchester City in the summer transfer window for £44 million after a contract dispute with former club Liverpool. The 21-year-old was rumoured to have five children by the time he turned 18 years old. The rumours were so widespread that Sterling was forced to clear the air about the number of his children.

"Some of the stuff you see is unbelievable. I’ve read stuff that I’ve got five kids and another on the way. It’s just crazy and it’s completely wrong," Sterling said.

On the other hand, Manchester City are known in the Premier League for having empty seats at the Etihad Stadium and are taunted by almost all travelling fans for that. So, this tweet mocks both Sterling and his new club in a rather embarassing way.

Notably, the winger has only one daughter named Melody Rose, who was born when Sterling was just 17 years old!

#8 San Marino>>>>>Cristiano Ronaldo??!!

The San Marino football team scored their first away goal in 14 years back in September and the way their team celebrated after the goal highlighted the enormity of it. However, the Twitter account of the San Marino’s national football team got a bit carried away with the happiness and joy of the goal.

The match between San Marino and Lithuania in the Euro qualifiers took place on 8th September, and Cristiano Ronaldo hadn’t scored a goal in the month of September till then. However, the Portuguese went on to score 5 goals in the very next match against Espanyol and then added five more to his name by the end of the month.

#9 Brendan Rodgers outgrew Liverpool and needed a new challenge!

Brendan Rodgers was sacked by Liverpool early in October this season, and Jurgen Klopp was later appointed as the manager of the club. His contract was terminated soon after the Reds played out a 1-1 draw with Merseyside rivals Everton.

Rodger’s parody account on twitter, ‘Deluded Brendan’ responded to the sack in a hilarious way and went on to say that he had outgrown the club and needed a new challenge. Not sure if the Liverpool fans were happy to see this, but it definitely was a laughable post, like many other tweets from the same Twitter handle.

#10 Gervinho thinking about his mixtape!

The 2015 African Cup of Nations saw Ivory Coast emerge victorious from the tournament which was hosted by Equatorial Guinea. The Elephants faced another strong African team, Ghana in the final match. Both teams failed to open the scoring in the 120 minutes, and a penalty shoot out followed.

Ivory Coast ultimately won the penalty shootout 9-8, the pressure was too much for Gervinho to take as he chose to sit on a chair looking the other side while his teammates went about the proceedings. The instance was bound to be picked up by one troll page or the other and ultimately it resulted in this tweet.

#11 Flamini to help Wenger in signing Messi!

The news that Mathieu Flamini’s worth may some day rise to 20 billion pounds created quite a stir in the football world and amongst Arsenal fans. The French midfielder’s company called “GF Biochemicals”, was set up back in 2008 and Flamini recently admitted that company’s potential market is worth £20billion.

And Wenger, who his famous for his shrewdness in the transfer market might have been shocked by the revelation as well. With rumours of Messi planning to make a switch to the Premier League gaining strength, this tweet properly outlines the feeling of Wenger in a comical way.

#12 Gerard Pique mocking Real Madrid

Gerard Pique has always attracted the ire of Real Madrid fans due to his comments and tweets mocking the Madrid-based club. Pique tweeted a series of emojis after Real Madrid fielded an ineligible player in Denis Cheryshev during their Copa del Rey match with Cadiz. The Los Blancos won that match, but were later suspended from the tournament due to the howler which left them red-faced.

The tweet from Pique generated in excess of 100,000 retweets which prompted the defender to ask twitter if this is the record of maximmum number of retweets without saying a word.

However, the Spaniard’s joy was short-lived as Barcelona managed only a 1-1 draw with Valencia and on the other hand Madrid emerged victorious in their match against Getafe. Former Real Madrid player Guti then hit back at Pique with a tweet mocking Barcelona’s draw with Valencia.

The tweet translates to “Congratulations Barca for a point”.

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