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7 footballers who openly criticized their manager


They say, in the Vedic scriptures, that a teacher is the equivalent of God—and hence worthy of the utmost respect. There is not a sin more heinous, than insulting or criticizing one’s own teacher. It is said, in the scriptures, that he who does this crime rots within the walls of hell for almost all of eternity.The coach, in a strict sense of speaking, is like a teacher for players. They mould them in such a way that they become a force to be reckoned with. However, it is not always rosy with the coaches as some players in fact regress under certain trainers.And it is mainly in these cases where the student opens his mouth to speak about things that aren’t exactly nice. Here are some instances when a player criticized his former or current manager… 

#1 Samir Nasri on Roberto Mancini

The Frenchman has had a numerous amount of tiffs, but Mancini was the first manager to witness his ire

If one searches for the most hated players on the planet, then Samir Nasri’s name will be among the top people there. He is loathed by almost every Arsenal and France fan and the main reason is his expressive personality.

He is the type of guy who won’t sit quietly and not react to criticism—he makes his opinion known and it is for this reason that he is one of the toughest players to deal with.

And Roberto Mancini found that only after luring him to Manchester City from Arsenal.

The two shared a hostile relationship and the Italian manager, another eccentric character himself, made it known by constant criticism of the French midfielder even after departing from the club.

And, as expected, Samir Nasri didn’t hold back and let go of the fury within him when the current Inter manager questioned his attitude and claimed that he “settled for the minimum” instead living up to his potential.

"How I can say it without being rude? He's a different person when he wants you and when he has you," Nasri told the Daily Telegraph. "When he wanted me, he was calling me every day, telling me everything I wanted to hear. I arrived here and for me it was a shock. He was really, really the opposite of Arsene Wenger. Not even a 'good morning.'

"Sometimes when you play he comes and talks to you. If you don't play he doesn't talk to you for three or four months. It's never his fault. You cannot have a discussion with him, try to explain something. When we have a loss, he gets crazy in the dressing-room.

"He says things that you cannot say even on the street to someone. I really had the bad experience with him. He had the results as a manager everywhere he went because he had great players with him. But now, he will not be in my top three or four managers of all time."

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