Recent gimmick changes that have failed horribly in the WWE

Arjun R

A gimmick is a unique or quirky special feature that makes something "stand out" from its contemporaries'.The WWE has toyed around with the idea of 'repackaging' superstars and giving them new gimmicks after initial failures to try to make them more relevant in today's scenario. You have to give the WWE credit for trying to get things done from their end of the bargain. It is however the superstars who need to 'stand out' in their roles to attract the attention.Some have picked up their new avatars and created wonders whereas others disappear after a torrid time. Let us have a look at some of those gimmicks changes that have failed miserably in recent times.

#1 Drew McIntyre

Let us start the countdown with our very own 'chosen one' Drew McIntyre. The lanky lad from Scotland was handpicked by Mr McMahon and seemed destined for greatness. But just like the title of his theme song, all he had to deal with was 'broken dreams'. 

That's right, McIntyre went from being the 'chosen one' to the 'discarded one' in a short span of time. The lad had potential no doubt, but could not do justice to the hype that surrounded him.

The WWE now put him under the 3MB banner to try to make him more relavant. But we all know the story behind what 3MB are destined to do, 'Lose'. McIntyre makes regular appearances along with his fellow bandmates on all of WWE's flagship shows. But he certainly is not the star who he was destined to be and 3MB don't aid his missions either.

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