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Top 10 suplexes in the WWE

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Suplexes are back in the spotlight all thanks to the mayor of suplex cityIf you get into pro-wrestling, the first move you might probably learn is to execute a standing vertical suplex, Suplexes form the basis of wrestling and involves strength and accurate precision.The art of suplexes had been lost for a while as it wasnt been used so often barring the usual vertical suplexes. It has been brought back to the limelight as suplex city has been running wild, all thanks to the beast Brock Lesnar, who has been on a suplexing spree.Over the years,there have been various variations of the suplex such as the belly-to-belly, german suplex, dragon and Saito suplex which have a deadly point of impact, usually on the head, back and shoulder.There have been wrestlers who made the suplex their own and were famous for the perfectionand the intensityin execution. In this slideshow, we take a look at some of the most devastatingly beautifulsuplexesthat were made famous by these WWE stars in no particular order.

#10 Mr Perfect\'s perfect-plex

TheBridging cradle suplex, also known as the perfect-plex was the finisher of Mr Perfect, Curt Henning. It was his finisher and as his name goes was done to perfection by the perfect man.

He was a powerful man, who even performed the move on Big Show with ease during his time with ECW. He was the epitome of perfection, with his character stressing the fact about how superior to everyone in everything he did.

The perfect-plex saw the opponents in a vertical suplex with the leg hooked for a bridged pin. It was an effective finisher during the time WWE was WWF and no other guy did it better that Mr.Perfect himself.

It has been adopted by various wrestlers in their offense, but not as a signature or a finisher move.

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