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The 5 worst champions of the most popular belts in wrestling

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Any more title reigns and these guys will be on later versions of this listTitles are one of the most integral parts of pro-wrestling. All promotions function most of their major storylines around these belts that are (attempted to be) portrayed as extremely important pieces of gold that everyone on the roster desires.Just look at the WWE. The promotion is built around the WWE world heavyweight title. On an average, the Royal Rumble gets you a title shot, Money in the Bank does the same and more often than not, WrestleMania is main-evented by the world title. Just because title belts are important doesn’t mean that they are immune from being involved in horrible booking by their respective promotions. The list will focus on some of the most prestigious belts in Wrestling and look at their worst champions. Without further ado, let’s get started:

#5 World Heavyweight Championship (WWE)

The World title in WWE or the ‘big gold belt’ saw illustrious champions such as Triple H, Undertaker, Edge, Batista and... The Great Khali!? No points for guessing the odd one out. Khali may have been popular in India, but he was rejected by most fans because he could barely walk, let alone wrestle. He is one of the foremost examples of Vince’s obsession with big men as the lumbering giant won the world title in a battle royal on an episode of smackdown, holding it for two months.

Khali as world champion

When Batista mercifully ended Khali’s reign, it was greeted by relief from most in the business as Khali had bombed as champion. Thankfully, his title reign was forgotten as The Animal moved on to a far more interesting and entertaining story involving Edge and the Undertaker.

It was rather shocking that the WWE booked Khali as an independent character when he could have worked infinitely better in a bodyguard/heavy role for a performer who wasn’t a charisma vacuum. He probably would have drawn in the 1980’s but times have changed and hopefully WWE has learnt from its mistakes and changed too.

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