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Nick NameLos Leones (The Lions)

Prominent Players ‎Pedro Ibarra


The Argentina National Field Hockey team also known as the Los Leones (The Lions), represent Argentina in international field hockey competitions. The team is governed by the Argentine Hockey Confederation (CAH). The Los Leones currently sit on the second spot of the FIH rankings with 1883 points, going into the world cup 2018.

The Argentina national team are the powerhouses of the Pan-American Federation and completely dominate the region. They have been doing exceptionally well internationally too in recent times, as the team reached new heights under former coach Carlos Retegui. The closest nation from the PAHF is Canada at the 11th spot with 882 points.


Hockey has been played in the country since the beginning of the 20th century after it was introduced by the British citizens. The Argentine Hockey Association was formed in 1908 and it saw the formation of several hockey clubs like Belgrano Athletic and San Isidro Club. It is also important to note that the Hockey Federation allowed affiliation to women teams in 1909, one year after its inception. In fact, the nickname “Los Leones” is derived from the women’s hockey team that played in the 2000 Summer Olympics at Sydney, Australia.

The current Argentine Hockey Confederation (CAH) was founded on 19th June 1983, after 12 hockey associations decided to meet in the city of San Miguel de Tucuman.


The Argentina National team is the most winning team in the Americas with nine gold medals in the Pan American Games, six South American Championship titles and three Pan American Cups.

Success however evaded them at the international level, until the arrival of coach Carlos Retegui who himself was a part of the team from 1989 to 2006. Immediately upon taking charge of the team, he led the Los Leones to a bronze medal finish at the 2008 Champions Trophy. He went on to win another bronze medal at the 2014 World Cup along with numerous success at the Pan-American level. By 2015, the team was ranked fifth in the world rankings, a historic high for them. However, they were not finished creating history as they went all out to win the gold medal in the 2016 Summer Olympics by defeating Belgium 4-2. It was the first medal in the Olympics for the Argentina hockey team, let alone the first gold medal.


The team called up for the very last edition of Men’s Hockey Champions Trophy in July 2019 is given below, which will be replaced by the Hockey Pro League (HPL) next year.

No.PositionPlayer NameDate of Birth
1GKJuan Manuel Vivaldi17 July 1979(age 40)
2DFPedro Ibarra(Captain)11 September 1985(age 33)
3FWNicolás Keenan6 May 1997(age 22)
4FWMaico Casella6 May 1997(age 22)
5FWMatías Paredes1 February 1982(age 37)
6FWLucas Vila23 August 1986(age 33)
7DFLeandro Tolini14 March 1990(age 29)
8MFIgnacio Ortiz26 July 1987(age 32)
9DFJuan Martín López27 May 1985(age 34)
10DFMatías Rey1 December 1984(age 34)
11FWLucas Martínez17 November 1993(age 25)
12DFNicolás Cicileo1 October 1993(age 25)
13MFAgustín Mazzilli20 June 1989(age 30)
14MFFederico Fernández28 February 1992(age 27)
15MFAgustín Bugallo23 April 1995(age 24)
16FWMartín Ferreiro21 October 1997(age 21)
17GKTomás Santiago15 June 1992(age 27)
18GKEmiliano Bosso3 December 1995(age 23)
19DFJuan Catán5 October 1995(age 23)
20DFIsidoro Ibarra2 October 1992(age 26)
21DFFederico Monja12 September 1993(age 25)
22DFGonzalo Peillat12 August 1992(age 27)
23DFJuan Ignacio Gilardi14 November 1981(age 37)
24MFSantiago Tarazona31 May 1996(age 23)
25MFThomas Habif27 May 1996(age 23)
26MFNicolás Acosta7 July 1996(age 23)
27MFLucas Rossi2 June 1985(age 34)
28MFNahuel Salís6 August 1989(age 30)
29FWTomás Bettaglio23 September 1991(age 27)
30FWFederico Moreschi13 February 1999(age 20)
31FWJoaquín Menini18 August 1991(age 28)
32FWNicolás della Torre1 March 1990(age 29)
33FWTomás Domene4 September 1997(age 21)

Support Staff

Coach: German Orozco

Assistant Coaches: Tomas MacCormik, Matias Vila

Manager: Juan Pablo Hourquebie

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