Black Hawks Hyderabad


Full NameBlack Hawks Hyderabad


Team Owner(s)Agile Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Prominent PlayersAlex Bader, Amit Kumar


Blackhawks Hyderabad is one of the six teams that will be participating in the upcoming Pro Volleyball League where they will be representing the region of the Hyderabad. The team is owned by Agile Entertainment Private Limited.

Mr. Bir Singh Yadav who is a popular name in the Indian Volleyball world is appointed to lead the team as the Head Coach while the captain of the side is yet to be decided. Top American Volleyball player Carson Clarke has been announced as the Icon Player of Blackhawks Hyderabad.

Current Rooster

The squad of Blackhawks Hyderabad consists of 12 players which have five attackers, three blockers, two setters, one libero and a universal player. Here is the full squad of Blackhawks Hyderabad:

NamePositionNationalityDate of BirthHeight
Alex BaderAttackerCanada16 September 1995195 cm
Amit KumarAttackerIndia25 April 1998194 cm
Rohit KumarAttackerIndia05 January 1999196 cm
Carson ClarkAttackerUSA20 January 1989200 cm
ChiragAttackerIndia11 November 2000195 cm
Sonu Kumar JakharBlockerIndia10 January 1998208 cm
Guramrit Pal SinghBlockerIndia29 October 1991200 cm
Ashwal RaiBlockerIndia02 February 1993202 cm
Nandi Yashwant KumarSetterIndia29 January 1991191 cm
Muthu SamySetterIndia10 July 1997 190 cm
Kamlesh KhatikLiberoIndia07 October 1991178 cm
Angamuthu RamaswamyUniversalIndia18 April 1994203 cm

Support Staff

Team Coach: Bir Singh Yadav

Players to watch out for

Their Icon Player Carson Clark has been a part of the USA National Volleyball Team where they won many tournament, so, he has a lot of experience when it comes to winning matches. This makes him not only the player to look out for in Blackhawks Hyderabad but during the entire Pro Volleyball League 2019 as well. He will also be captaining the side of Blackhawks Hyderabad in this season.

Another player to look out for in this team is Ashwal Rai who is appointed as their vice captain is also expected to perform well as he has also won a numerous tournaments for India at various playing levels.

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