5 things Steffi Graf and husband Andre Agassi have said about each other over the years

Andre Agassi
Andre Agassi (right) and Steffi Graf

Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf tied the knot in 2001 and are recognized as sportsmen to look up to, both in terms of being accomplished tennis players and being a power couple.

While Graf is the only player to have won a Golden Grand Slam (all four Grand Slams and Olympic gold in one year), her husband was the second man in the Open Era to win a Career Grand Slam in addition to having won eight Grand Slam titles overall.

The power couple has shared a love story that is looked up to and admired by millions of people and in addition to being there for each other and mentioning how grateful they feel to have found each other, the two have said a few things that seem to have been rather hard to forget.

Hence, here are a few things mentioned by Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi about each other over the years:

#5 Steffi Graf - ‘I was ready for Andre’

Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi spoke at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit four years back and talked about a range of things including the highs and lows they have seen in their careers and the relationship that two champions share amongst themselves.

While talking about the transition that Graf had to undergo before leaving the game she had known and pursued since four years of age, the former World No.1 mentioned how being a private person helped her in the same. And while finding the right word for being ready for something, her husband jumped in to exclaim - "me," something which his wife agreed with.

Graf said (via Hindustan Times):

"I loved what I did, I gave it all and I was ready for, well you know... Andre." (at 1:48)

#4 Andre Agassi - "From a distance, she seemed like the complete opposite of me and I thank God she is because I get to learn from her every day."

In an interview with the American publication, The Cut, Agassi spoke about his unique style on the court, his tennis journey and his marriage with Steffi Graf.

When asked how he knew Graff was "the one" for him, Agassi replied (via The Cut):

I respected her from a distance and marveled at her. We all search to connect with people in life who have what we don’t and who are what we aren’t. I tried to learn from it. From a distance, she seemed like the complete opposite of me and I thank God she is because I get to learn from her every day.
Andre Agassi (left) and Steffi Graf
Andre Agassi (left) and Steffi Graf

# 3 Andre Agassi - "Being married to someone better means you don’t have to say certain things, it’s understood."

A couple of years back, Agassi visited Mumbai for an event that marked the transition of private equity firm India Value Fund Advisors Pvt. Ltd. to True North.

As part of the event, the American spoke with famous commentator Harsha Bhogle about his career as a tennis player, the better player between Pete Sampras and Roger Federer and the relationship he shares with his wife.

Steffi Graf (left) and Andre Agassi
Steffi Graf (left) and Andre Agassi

Talking about the mutual love that both tennis players share for the game and how it contributed to their relationship, Agassi said (via The Mint):

"It was the best day of my life when she said yes (to the proposal). She was the hardest to win (over). When Steffi Graf says yes to you, that’s the closest you get to arriving."
He added, "Being married to someone better (in tennis) means you don’t have to say certain things, it’s understood. Tennis is a lonely sport. You don’t need to explain to someone like her because she has suffered with me and lived with me."

In addition to the same, Agassi also mentioned how Graf helps him stay humble in their marriage because he considers her to be greater than him.

#2 Andre Agassi - "Probably the toughest accomplishment, beating Steffi at anything"

In 2003, Agassi defeated Carlos Moya in straight sets and for the third time in a row to clinch his sixth Miami Open title which was known as the NASDAQ-100 Open back then.

Andre Agassi after winning his sixth Miami Open title
Andre Agassi after winning his sixth Miami Open title

Through this victory, the American beat his wife's record of five titles at the said tournament.

After the same, while talking to the New York Times, Agassi said:

''The wind, the heat, through my history, those have all sort of been assets for me. That was probably the toughest accomplishment here, beating Steffi [Graf] at anything."

Agassi's record of six Miami Open titles is a feat that he now shares with World No.1 Novak Djokovic.

#1 Stefi Graff - "I got to meet my husband, so I don't want to change one thing"

After an illustrious career marked by unbeatable records, Stefi Graff bid adieu to the game in 1999, two years before she married Agassi.

The German was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2004 and delivered a heartfelt speech that was attended by her proud husband who was also teary-eyed during the ceremony.

An emotional Graff started the speech by mentioning how tennis has given her an incredible journey and pointing towards her husband mentioned how the best part about the journey is that it led her to him.

Speaking about regrets when asked by the media after the ceremony, the 22-time Grand Slam champion said during her speech:

"I was very fortunate with my career, so I wouldn't change a thing. Look where I am right now, you know, through my career, I got to meet my husband. So I don't want to change one thing."

Additionally, as part of her speech, she thanked her coach Heinz Günthardt for helping her to learn about life and herself and "most importantly" encouraging her to follow her heart with Andre.

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