Everything you need to know about the off-court coaching rules, from hand gestures to verbal coaching at the 2022 US Open

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Explaining all the off-court coaching rules enforced by the 2022 US Open.

The 2022 US Open recently published the set of rules pertaining to off-court coaching at this year's edition of the event. The tournament has announced a new set of rules that allow players to receive coaching.

Coaching players on the court has been a source of great debate. Several players, including Stefanos Tsitsipas, have seen themselves being accused of receiving coaching during their matches.

All competitions, including Wheelchairs and Juniors, will see the rules being enforced, albeit under certain conditions.

The US Open confirmed that off-court coaching would be allowed from the "designated Player/Coach box or seats." Should the coach be sitting elsewhere, the tournament has mandated that the players cannot receive coaching from behind the court but only from the sides.

"Off-Court Coaching is allowed from the designated Player/Coach Box or seats. In case the Coach prefers to sit in a different area, coaching is only allowed from the side of the court (not behind the court)," the statement read
"Coaching is not allowed from the area right behind the players chairs and Coaches are not allowed to move during the match. Ashe, Armstrong and Grandstand: Coaching is ONLY allowed from the designated Player/Coach Box or seats," it added.

With regards to verbal coaching, it has been mandated that it be allowed as long as the instructions passed come in "few words and/or short phrases." The US Open also ruled that hand gestures will be permitted between coaches and players as long as they are "discreet."

"Verbal Coaching may consist of a few words and/or short phrases (no conversations are permitted) and is permitted when the player is at the same end of the court," said the US Open.
"Subtle, non-verbal ·Coaching, defined as hand signals or gestures that are discreet and do not distract the opponent or fans, is allowed when the player is at the same or the opposite end of the court," they added.

"Players may NOT approach their Coach or engage in conversation with their Coach at any time" - US Open

Crowds assemble at the 2022 US Open - Day 1.
Crowds assemble at the 2022 US Open - Day 1.

The tournament stated that players will not be allowed to approach their coaches at any time during the match, even if the former "leaves the court for any reason."

"Players may NOT approach their Coach or engage in conversation with their Coach at any time, including during changeovers, set breaks, or when the opposing player takes a Medical Timeout or a Toilet Break/Change of Attire Break," the tournament deemed.
"Coaches may NOT speak to their player(s) when the player leaves the court for any reason," the US Open added.

Per the new rules, players will be penalized should their coach's verbal coaching, hand gestures, or signals start to interrupt play or distract the opponent.

"If a Coach's verbal Coaching, hand signals, or gestures begin to interrupt play or become a distraction to the opponent(s), or if either the player or the Coach do not fully comply with the procedure, the Chair Umpire will notify the player of the escalation. Should the non-compliance continue, the player may be subject to penalties under the Coaching rule," deemed the US Open.

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