"I still think this was good" - Chris Evert reminisces on valuable advice her father gave her when she was a child

Chris Evert reminisces on her father
Chris Evert reminisces on her father's advice.

Former World No. 1 Chris Evert recently recalled some sound advice her late father, Jimmy Evert, gave her as a child.

Chris Evert earned the nickname 'The Ice Maiden' for her emotionless, robotic demeanor on the tennis court as she systematically destroyed her opponents en route to 18 Grand Slam singles titles and an iconic Hall of Fame career.

However, it was her father and coach Jimmy Evert who instilled that in her while teaching her tennis and guiding her through the ups and downs of her career.

Evert can be seen in a 2021 video revealing her father's advice, which came when she was 12 years old and started "cussing" and breaking rackets. Seeing this, her father advised her not to show any emotion to her opponent, as doing so would give them the impression that they had the upper hand.

"I was practicing about 12 years old and I started cussing and broke a couple of rackets and my dad, who was my coach was on the court and he said 'If you show your opponent that you are upset, they are gonna be really happy about that and they are gonna go uh-huh, I have her'. He goes, 'Don't show your opponent any emotion and I promise you that will give you like two games a set'," she said.

She also revealed the origin of her nickname, 'The Ice Maiden,' saying it came after she followed her father's advice and built a reputation for being composed on the court.

"Once I was that way, it came easy to me. Everybody expected me to be that way, so then I had an image and I was dubbed 'The Ice Maiden'. So then, of course, I couldn't come out of my bubble and all of a sudden be flamboyant and expressive and throw my racquet," Evert said.
Although the media labeled @ChrissieEvert “The Ice Maiden” it was Evert who always controlled her final outcome. We celebrate a Queen of the Court, @WTA’s first world No. 1 and GOAT this #InternationalWomensDay. You can watch GOATs again this Sunday on @ABC at 2pm ET.

Evert recently shared the video on Twitter, stating that she still believes it was good advice.

"I still think this was good advice!!!" she wrote.
I still think this was good advice!!!…

Chris Evert comments on Naomi Osaka's pregnancy, says it is going to be "very healthy" and "healing" for her

Naomi Osaka pictured at a press conference.
Naomi Osaka pictured at a press conference.

Chris Evert stated in an interview with Eurosport that Naomi Osaka, who recently announced her pregnancy, will be a great mother as she is compassionate and kind, which will be her greatest asset in caring for her child.

"I think it's great news and I think she’s going to be a great mum. Naomi [Osaka] has shown us so much compassion and kindness during her career that I think that’s going to translate that into caring for another human being, I think she's going to be an awesome mum," Chris Evert said.

The 18-time Grand Slam winner went on to say that the pregnancy will be "very healthy" and "almost healing" for the four-time Grand Slam champion.

"It's going to be very healthy and almost healing for her. I'm really happy for her because I think it's meant to be. I think everything happens for a reason, and it just takes all of the pressure off her and it takes all of the attention off her," Chris Evert said.

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