Jessica Pegula reacts to Coco Gauff, Ons Jabeur and Daria Kasatkina's confidence in her American football prowess

San Diego Open - Day 7
Jessica Pegula and Coco Gauff pictured during San Diego Open

Jessica Pegula reacted to a video posted by the WTA, where Coco Gauff, Ons Jabeur and Daria Kasatkina can be seen choosing Pegula as the answer to the question “Which WTA Finals player could throw an American football the furthest”.

The World No. 3 took to social media to thank her fellow players for their confidence in her. The American, however, claimed that her compatriot Coco Gauff could throw it farther than her.

“Thxs fam. Although I’m sure Coco can throw it pretty far,” she wrote on Instagram.
Jessica Pegula's Instagram story
Jessica Pegula's Instagram story

In the video, Gauff picked the 28-year-old’s name as she is an American, a supporter of the Buffalo Bills, and pretty active in football.

“Probably Jessica,” said Coco Gauff, adding, “She is a Buffalo Bills fan. She is pretty active in football. So she probably does know to throw one.”

Ons Jabeur picked Pegula over herself as she is from Tunisia, where they don’t have American football.

“Ladies and Gentleman, Jessica Pegula please. I come from Tunisia. We don’t have the sport. So, there you go,” Ons Jabeur said.

Pegula was seemingly happy with Jabeur's pick.

“Thank You. I’ll happily take the crown. Perfect yeah. #BillsMafia,” Pegula replied.

Kasatkina claimed that she has no knowledge of American football and that is why she said she agreed with Gauff's response.

“I know nothing about American football. I know about Soccer a lot. But nothing about American football. Now I trust you. Probably Jessica knows some stuff for sure. So you can compete,” said the Russian.

"I overachieved in most people's minds" - Jessica Pegula on her 2022 season

Jessica Pegula will be in action at the 2022 WTA Finals this week.
Jessica Pegula will be in action at the 2022 WTA Finals this week.

Jessica Pegula qualified for the WTA Finals in both the singles and doubles categories for the first time in her career. The American has had an eventful year, reaching the quarterfinals of three Grand Slams and the final of the Madrid Open.

She revealed that she doesn’t feel any pressure to perform as she is aware that she is neither the youngest nor the veteran on the tour.

"It's not like I'm 20 years old. I'm a little older. I'm not a veteran, but kind of. So I don't think I feel so much pressure because I think I overachieved in most people's minds," she said, via WTA.

The 28-year-old further stated that booking a spot in the WTA Finals had always been a goal for her.

"It has definitely always been a goal [to play the WTA Finals]. I don't know if it was the main goal at the beginning of the year, but as the year went on it was definitely something we were working towards at every tournament," she added.

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