"Never seen Coco Gauff look bad in a kit, aura's just crazy" "Left no crumbs for the girlies": Fans react to American's French Open 2024 outfit

Coco Gauff
Coco Gauff's outfit for the 2024 French Open revealed

Coco Gauff's outfit for the 2024 French Open has left tennis fans delighted. Fans have been vocal in their praise for her apparel sponsor New Balance, recognizing the brand for consistently delivering great designs.

Ahead of the French Open, Gauff hilariously admitted that she "low-key" forgot the design of her kit for the claycourt Major. The American explained the reason behind her confusion, disclosing that New Balance had shown her sketches for her outfits years in advance.

Nevertheless, the 20-year-old shared that she was fairly certain about her attire being gray.

"I low-key forgot what my Roland Garros outfit looks like. It's coming tomorrow, I think it's grey. They showed me a lot of sketches... I know what stuff looks like 3-4 years from now and I get them mixed up. I forgot which one is actually for this year, but I'm pretty sure it's gray," Gauff said on TikTok Live.

Although the World No. 3 forgot the specifics of her outfit, she was spot-on about the color. New Balance recently unveiled their Roland Garros collection, featuring Gauff in a gray ensemble, donning a collared mesh sleeveless top paired with a matching pleated skirt.

Tennis fans were delighted by Coco Gauff's kit for the French Open, heaping praise on New Balance for their consistently excellent designs.

"New balance has never let us down, amen. Even the more simple designs still eating the other brands," one fan commented.
"New balance has done wonders for her. her 2022 RG kit was so pretty as well," another fan chimed in.
"New Balance when its time to make a new kit for Coco:," said another.

One fan even called out the skeptics who wanted the 20-year-old to switch to Nike, arguing that she would've looked like a "mess" like Aryna Sabalenka.

"Some of y’all wanted her to move to Nike last year so she can look a mess like Sabalenka," the fan posted.
"Nike look at this," another fan remarked.

Others simply expressed their admiration for Coco Gauff, suggesting that she made every kit look amazing with her "aura."

"Coco makes every kit look amazing," one fan wrote.
"I've never seen her look bad in a kit, aura is just crazy," commented another.
"Oh I fear she left no crumbs for the girlies," another fan shared.

Coco Gauff: "Going into Roland Garros, I feel like a different player"

Coco Gauff
Coco Gauff

Coco Gauff last competed on tour at the Italian Open, where she suffered a 6-4, 6-3 loss to eventual champion Iga Swiatek in the semifinals.

Despite her defeat, the World No. 3 maintained a positive outlook, disclosing that she feels like a "different" player heading into the French Open compared to her level before the WTA 1000 event.

"I think the way that I lost today, it wasn't because a wing or a shot broke down, it's because she was the better player today. If I lose matches like that, we go back and we practice," Coco Gauff said in her post-match press conference.
"I think going into Roland Garros, like if you asked me pretournament and now, I feel like I'm a different player in terms of just how I've been playing," she added.

The American, who lost to Swiatek in the 2022 French Open final, admitted that the World No. 1 is the player to beat at the Major, expressing her determination to learn from her latest loss if they meet again at Roland Garros.

"Going into it, I know she's the one to beat if I want to win Roland Garros. I'm going to take what I learned from today and try to apply that next time we play, which I hope is at Roland Garros," she said.

Coco Gauff awaits the results of the qualifiers to know her first-round opponent at the French Open.

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