"His refusal to get vaccinated is not heroic, it's irresponsible"- Tennis fans on Twitter react to John McEnroe's comments on Novak Djokovic not being able to play in the US Open

Tennis fans react to John McEnroe's comments on Novak Djokovic not being able to play in the US Open
Tennis fans react to John McEnroe's comments on Novak Djokovic not being able to play in the US Open

Former World No. 1 John McEnroe recently criticized the US vaccination laws and demanded their modification so Novak Djokovic could compete.

The Serb won the seventh Wimbledon championship of his career on Sunday after defeating Nick Kyrgios, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4, 7-6(3), but it does not appear that he will carry that enthusiasm into the fourth and final Grand Slam of the year. After the victory, Djokovic, who is unvaccinated, said he will not take the COVID-19 vaccine in time for the US Open in September.

This implies that Novak Djokovic won't participate at the 2022 US Open unless the regulations put in place by the American government are changed before the end of August.

John McEnroe vouched for Djokovic to compete in the US Open and slammed the politicians for getting in the way.

"These politicians are getting in the way too much – they did it in Australia." McEnroe said. "Let the guy come in and play in the US. I mean come on. This is ridiculous. You can agree to be tested. There’s got to be a way around this."
John McEnroe on Djokovic not being allowed to play in the United States: "These politicians are getting in the way too much. They did it in Australia. Let’s let the guy come in and play in the U.S. I mean, come on. This is ridiculous."

In light of McEnroe's comments, tennis fans on Twitter slammed the Serb for not getting vaccinated. Some of them also labeled his actions as "not heroic" and utterly "irresponsible".

"Novak Djokovic should follow the rules set by the various countries pertaining to Covid. He may not like the rules, but they aren't irrational. And his refusal to get vaccinated isn't heroic, it's irresponsible," one fan wrote.
@gigicat7_ John McEnroe is ridiculous. Why should there be a different rule for one person in the world. Why this privilege?
@gigicat7_ It's not a political issue, it's a world wide health issue. Tone deaf from McEnroe.
@gigicat7_ That’s normal stuff. For you travel do Central America or Amazonia you must get yellow fever vacine for instance. It’s the ratiocination for covid. It would be much easier he take the vacine!
"Rule applies to everyone so does on him. Why should 'he' get special advantage!! That's not a fair call. It's 'he' the main reason for him not able to play the US open. He takes a decision which has consequences, so he has to face them. Stop making him victim," another account posted.
@gigicat7_ I love @JohnMcEnroe and he is completely wrong here. This isn't political, its a health policy, after millions died. No one is above the rules, especially not 1 tennis player. Everyone else in @atp & @wta are vaccinated @DjokerNole can be to, then he can play. If not, then not.
@gigicat7_ Why is he more important than others? He knows the rules to get in the US and has made his choice. Live with it.
@Wemo63398963 @gigicat7_ People have no idea the hoops we make foreigners jump through to get to the US (especially on non European or UK/colonial passports). Changing the rules so Novak can play tennis unvaccinated is ridiculous and insulting to everyone else coming here.
"The vaccine did its job and helped you not get more sick. Just because you DGAF doesn’t mean the families of the MILLIONS of dead don’t. SOME vaccinated people will still die, but the point of vaccination is to reduce the chances of dying, which it does very effectively," another user wrote.

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@gigicat7_ No mister, they are reasons for tge requirements and millions had followed the rules flighting to 🇺🇸, if that’s the rule by then he has to follow it, simple
@gigicat7_ It would be ridiculous to make one person exempt from rules that everyone else has to follow, whatever you think of the rules.
@gigicat7_ The laws were not designed with tennis players in mind or star tennis players. No Western conspiracy to keep Djokovic out. Laws & certainly politicians are far from being perfect.Give John McEnroe the power to make the calls, so justice in the world can be reestablished-haha.
"If the US decided to remove the restrictions for everyone, that’s one thing. Making an exception for one guy to come play tennis would be allowing the politicians to “get in the way.” Djokovic is a tennis player. That’s all. He doesn’t deserve an exception," another fan tweeted.
@gigicat7_ That rule has been in place for a while. Nothing to do with tennis. There should be no special exemption. Either it applies to everyone or no one. Djoker made his bed, he has to lie in it.
@gigicat7_ If a nobody off the street can’t do this why should djokovic be allowed in just because of his name? He’s no more important it’s ridiculous. Those are the current rules and that’s it. Irrespective of the boring and pointless debate between pro vax or anti vax. His decision
@gigicat7_ John McEnroe should have more sense, but then, that is asking a lot of him.

"I am not vaccinated and I'm not planning to get vaccinated"- Novak Djokovic

Day Fourteen: The Championships - Wimbledon 2022
Day Fourteen: The Championships - Wimbledon 2022

After winning his fourth consecutive Wimbledon championship, Novak Djokovic made it very clear that he has no plans to get the COVID-19 vaccination and that he will not be competing in the US Open unless the restrictions are lifted.

"I am not vaccinated and I'm not planning to get vaccinated," Djokovic said. "So the only good news I can have is them removing the mandated green vaccine card or whatever you call it to enter United States or exemption."
"I don't think exemption is realistically possible. If that is possibility, I don't know what exemption would be about. I don't know. I don't have much answers there," he added.
Tennis star Novak Djokovic reaffirms his position He is against covid vaccination. After winning Wimbledon, he hopes to be released from mandates at the US Open.

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