Polish Tennis Association president accused of molesting underage players, beating his daughter and abusing ex-wife

Polish Tennis Association president Mirosław Skrzypczyński
Polish Tennis Association president Mirosław Skrzypczyński

The president of the Polish Tennis Association Mirosław Skrzypczyński has been accused of a number of heinous crimes, including molesting underage female tennis players, beating his daughter, and engaging in domestic violence against his ex-wife, Renata Skrzypczyska, a notable Polish tennis player in the 1980s.

Skrzypczyski took over as the Polish Tennis Association's president on May 20, 2017. Bartosz Buat, a tennis activist and entrepreneur from Wroclaw with connections, along with attorney Jacek Wojtyak and former PiS politician Adam Hofman, helped him land the position.

Onet, a Polish internet portal, recently conducted some research and uncovered Skrzypczynski's sinister truths. According to their reports, the president has a history of abusing underage girls in the club. A female player who used to practice at the club as a young girl stepped to the front and opened up about what the Pole had done to her.

"When I was 14, he touched me for the first time. He grabbed his breasts, buttocks, in private places ... I remember his laughter to this day. He took it as fun. How many times has he done this? Years later, most of my memories were denied. However, I am convinced that he groped me at least a few times," said the woman, who wanted to stay anonymous.

The woman further disclosed that sexual allusions and extravagant punishments were a constant component of Skrzypczyski's training techniques. He also used sexist remarks often, such as, "You got b*obs!", "But your b*obs are growing!", “You got an a*s!" and "When a woman says ‘no’, she says ‘yes'".

Polish media @onetpl reveals shocking information on the case of the president of Polish Tennis Association, Miroslav Skrzypczynski. A porn movie with his daughter,accusations of molestation of underage tennis players, domestic violence - these are just some of the details 😮

Skrzypczyński used violence not only against the young female players but also against his own family. Based on the findings of Onet, Ewelina, the Pole's daughter, sent a message to a Facebook page allegedly run by his rivals called "Quo Vadis PZT." Ewelina (name changed by Onet) stated that her father frequently beat her up and would become aggressive in front of the family over little inconveniences. She attached photos showing black and dark circles under her eyes, as well as visible bruises on her body.

"Hello. Do you want to know what Miroslaw Skrzypczyński is really like? I can send photos." Ewelina wrote, adding, "How can he be aggressive in front of his family, when something goes wrong [...] he beat me up more than once. I have photos of every beating. I didn't send it before, because I was afraid of him, now I think it has gone too far."

Prior to this, Skrzypczyski's ex-mother-in-law Sabina W., who was Renata Skrzypczyska's mother and a prominent Polish tennis player in the second half of the 1980s, accused the president of often physically and mentally assaulting his children and wife.

As the former mother-in-law of the PZT president stated, she constantly reported the case to the police and the prosecutor's office, but no one ever responded. Everyone only believed him.

Polish Tennis Association president denies all allegations

The president of the Polish Tennis Association
The president of the Polish Tennis Association

In a statement reported by Onet, Mirosław Skrzypczyski has denied abusing his family and other charges.

"I didn't use violence against my family. My ex-mother-in-law is a mentally ill person. This is an elderly woman who has a grudge against me for divorcing her daughter 18 years ago," he said.
"I got used to the attacks on my person. Some apparently do not like the fact that during my tenure Polish the Tennis Association has acquired over 40 different sponsors and partners, and PZT's revenues have more than doubled," he added.
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