Serena Williams' husband Alexis Ohanian ecstatic as tennis legend gets own docuseries like Tom Brady 

2017 Australian Open - Day 13
Serena Williams' husband Alexis Ohanian ecstatic she gets her own docuseries

Serena Williams' husband and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian was overjoyed to see that the American tennis legend would be getting her own docuseries, similar to that of NFL legend Tom Brady.

ESPN is producing the episodic documentary series titled "In the Arena: Serena Williams" in collaboration with Religion of Sports, 199 Productions, Williams and Caroline Currier's Nine Two Six Productions, and Tom Brady's 199 Productions.

The upcoming docuseries will showcase some of the most defining moments in Williams' career and personal life, featuring firsthand accounts from the American tennis legend herself and other notable figures in her life.

"Several of Serena’s most significant Grand Slam tournaments and defining personal milestones are examined and decoded in detail," according to an ESPN press release.
"The series juxtaposes Serena’s spectacular on-court achievements and cultural impact with dramatic personal challenges. Through it all, Serena fights to maintain her place atop the tennis world while juggling the transformational experience of starting a family.”

On Wednesday, May 17, Alexis Ohanian took to social media about Serena Williams receiving a docuseries similar to Tom Brady's.

He shared that he felt "validated" upon hearing the news because as soon as he finished watching Tom Brady's ESPN docuseries, "Man in the Arena: Tom Brady," he immediately asked Serena Williams when she would be getting her own docuseries.

When the news was confirmed that she was indeed getting one, Ohanian was overjoyed.

"I feel validated here because soon as I finished @TomBrady Man In the Arena, my first thought was — when are you getting yours, S? This is gonna be great," Ohanian tweeted.

Serena Williams takes on a role as senior advisor for the Consello Group

Williams at the 2019 US Open
Williams at the 2019 US Open

Serena Williams recently broadened her business ventures by accepting a senior advisory position at Consello Group, a financial services advisory and strategic investing platform.

The firm specializes in providing financial services to clients in the banking industry. They provide services related M&A advisory, investment banking, digital assets, and business development.

Prior to the 23-time Grand Slam champion's appointment to the advisory board of the Consello Group, the organization had two retired athletes serving on its board - NBA star Pau Gasol and NFL legend Tom Brady.

In a public statement, Mindy Grossman, partner of the Consello group, warmly welcomed Serena Williams to their team. She expressed her utmost confidence in the immense value that the American tennis legend will bring to their clients and private equity portfolio companies.

“[Consello] is excited and honored to have Serena join our team and we know she will bring significant value to our clients on both the financial advisory side, as well as our private equity portfolio companies,” Grossman said.

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