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Top 10 Tennis rackets to buy under Rs 5000

HEAD Titanium 3100
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With there being so much competition within the tennis world, everybody is reaching for greater heights and quicker and faster ways to make it to the top. Thus equipment plays a key role in achieving success. However while chasing after the best equipment one always factors prices into the equation. So here are the top ten rackets to buy under 5000 rupees.

1. HEAD Titanium 3100

Worth only Rs 4175, this racket offers good control and power. Weighing about 275 gms it is the ideal weight giving the racket both stiffness and control to hit the ball with impact and spin. Its high damping technology reduces shocks from the hard impact of the ball allowing a strain free game for longer durations. This racket also has a large frame size thus giving the player a larger sweet spot area to hit the ball. This racket is the ideal tennis racket for intermediate level players.

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2. Babolat Contact Team 4 ¼


Priced at Rs 4160 this racket is designed for players who require instantaneous power at contact and for those who have a fast paced game and a long swing. The racket’s graphite composite construction with a graphite core and aluminium head provide power and better handling of the ball. While the Yoke Dampening system improves impact and touch for enhanced control. Thus this tennis racket mainly focusses on power and control.

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3. Wilson US Open Tennis Racket

Wilson US Open Tennis Racket

Priced at only Rs 2800 this tennis racket is one of the best deals you can get in the market. It has a Double Hole Technology along the racket frame which provides for greater power upon contact, also the Arc 2 Technology lends more control over the ball thus allowing for greater top spin. Its mid size head produces a trampoline like effect to help the ball reach a higher speed. It also has a perforated grip thus increasing the durability and absorption of the grip and allowing the player to play long matches without any strain.

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4. Babolat Pulsion 102

Babolat Pulsion 102

Priced at Rs 3800 this tennis racket has a graphite composite technology which allows for great control and power on the ball yet bringing a bit of top spin in the game. Weighing the perfect weight of 270 gms this racket allows for easy manoueuvrability along with the exact amount of stifness to add power to the game. Its Balance Point is also optimally measured at about 340 mm.

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5. HEAD Speed 26

HEAD Speed 26

This tennis racket priced at Rs 3530 is endorsed by Novak Djockovic. It is an extremely light weight racket weighing only 240 gms thus allowing substantial flexibility to manouever the racket optimally along with creating power on impact. Its small grip size and shorter lenght allows the player to have added control for his or her size. Also this racket has a large head frame thus granting the player a larger sweet spot area. This racket is catered and designed for beginners of the game.

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6. HEAD Ti Radical Elite

HEAD Ti Radical Elite

Priced at Rs 4375, this tennis racket is brilliant for the intermediate level players as it has a graphite composite construction paired with Extreme Grid Technology providing both strenght and stability to the player. Also the racket has a cushioned grip thus reducing the strain of the weight of the racket and impact of the ball on the player. This thus allows the player to play for longer durations of time. This racket is also a light racket thus providing enough flexibilty to the player to increase the racket speed of the swing and create more power.

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7. Yonex VCore XI 100 Lite

Yonex VCore XI 100 Lite

Priced at Rs 4543, this racket provides more stability due to the XI and Micro Core Technology. The result is an expanded sweet spot area along with more power available near the tip of the frame which allows for variations in the player’s game. This racket is a light racket yet it has a heavy head balance for control over the ball. This racket is designed for the aggressive baseliner as it caters to spin, power and precision.

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8. Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racket

Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racket

Priced at the mere cost of Rs 1726 this is probably one of the most economical rackets available in the market! The racket is more on the heavy side weighing 288 gms but this stiffness allows for greater power over the ball. Along with this, the racket also has a large head size and long length which grants a larger sweet spot area along with better reach over the ball. The racket also prevents string vibrations with its Shock Technology.

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9. Wilson Federer Team 105

Wilson Federer Team 105

Priced at Rs 4020 this lightweight racket along with its easy swing technology makes it easier for the player to add pace and spin to their game. The 105 square inch head size provides for greater comfort and power thus making it easy to hit the ball, penetrating through the ground strokes. It is easy to use for net play as well for ball blocking due to its large head size.

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10. Babolat C Drive 102 

Babolat C Drive 102 

Priced at Rs 4860 this racket caters to lightness and manoeuvrability along with high levels of power and excellent stability. The racket has a Cortex Dampening System which protects the player from hard vibrations from the ball yet still offering a great feel on the ball. It is made for the advanced intermediate level player as it allows the player to play for longer time periods without causing any harm.

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Published 23 Mar 2015, 11:31 IST
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