Days of Our Lives spoilers for this week from April 22 to 26

Days of Our Lives spoilers for this week from April 22 to 26 (Image via Peacock)
Days of Our Lives spoilers for this week from April 22 to 26 (Image via Peacock)

Last week on Days of Our Lives, Chanel DiMera disappeared during a snowstorm, leading to an unexpected situation when she and Johnny found themselves snowbound with Julie. Meanwhile, EJ's press conference stirred speculation about his motives.

Eric overheard incriminating conversations, prompting concern from Marlena. Maggie reached an agreement with Konstantin, and Theresa received troubling news about Bella's future. EJ clashed with Kristen and Stefan over DiMera Enterprises, while Wendy confided in Tripp.

In the upcoming week on Days of Our Lives, Harris and Ava will cling to hope as they embark on another attempt at their plan. Sarah and Xander will be in for a shock, and tensions will rise when Paulina confronts EJ.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of April 22 to 26, 2024

Monday, April 22

Monday's spoilers of Days of Our Lives reveal Jackee Harry’s Paulina Price will cause a stir by rushing off to help Chanel, much to the chagrin of Abe Carver and Kayla Brady. Meanwhile, Johnny DiMera will plan a surprise for his wife after their disappointing honeymoon.

Harris Michaels and Ava will attempt to retrieve a crucial item from the Bistro while facing pressure from Clyde Weston. Kate Roberts will seek solace in confiding in Roman Brady about her son's situation.

Tuesday, April 23

Sloan will find herself in a tight spot when Eric Brady confronts her about their budget. Tate Black and Holly Jonas will continue their clandestine romance, and Theresa will complicate matters further by giving Alex a massage.

EJ will share his plans for DiMera Enterprises with Kristen DiMera, while Brady Black and Nicole will share a reflective moment.

Wednesday, April 24

Wednesday will bring shocking news to Jada Hunter when she learns about Everett's divorce from Stephanie. Kristen and Stefan will speculate about Li Shin's murder, and Tripp Dalton will plan a surprise for Wendy.

Ava and Harris will make another attempt to find the elusive little black book, and Rafe Hernandez will take a tough stance with Stefan.

Thursday, April 25

The episode on Thursday will see Maggie Horton dropping a bombshell by announcing her intention to marry Konstantin Meleounis. The news will leave Sarah and Xander stunned. Meanwhile, Kristen will try to get closer to Alex, and Theresa will open up to Brady about her insecurities.

Friday, April 26

Eric will investigate financial issues and encounter Greg Rikaarts’ Leo Stark at the Salem Inn. Meanwhile, Johnny and Chanel will be on the lookout for a new place to live. Nicole will hope for a job opportunity at The Spectator, and Paulina will confront EJ.

Days of Our Lives: Last week’s recap

Last week, Days of Our Lives saw Chanel DiMera (Raven Bowens) get lost in a snowstorm. The cabin became an unlikely setting for Chanel and Johnny's honeymoon, particularly when they found themselves snowbound with Julie.

Brady and Theresa intervened in Tate and Holly's relationship, while Sloan found relief from financial troubles by representing Stefan DiMera. Paulina underwent treatment with Sarah's support, and Ava prepared to relocate with Harris.

EJ, who had called for the press conference the day before, found himself trying to evade reporters that day, but Chad and Xander stepped in to prevent his escape. Eric overheard Leo’s end of an incriminating conversation, and Maggie proposed to Konstantin.

John investigated Konstantin’s wife, prompting concern from Marlena about his reaction to the findings. Everett lied to Stephanie about therapy and then signed the divorce papers, and Konstantin demanded his card back from Thomas.

Jada gained insight into Everett's character when she overheard him discussing the divorce documents with Rafe. Marlena and John found themselves on babysitting duty for Jude as Chad enjoyed quality time with his son, Thomas.

Viewers can watch the latest episode of Days of Our Lives on Peacock.

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