6 June 2024 K-dramas to look forward to: Hierarchy, Miss Night and Day, and more

Hierarchy and Miss Night and Day (Image via Instagram/@netflixkr, @jtbcdrama)
Hierarchy and Miss Night and Day (Image via Instagram/@netflixkr, @jtbcdrama)

Following the reputation that the industry has set for itself, quite a handful of June 2024 K-dramas are here to prove their unmatched popularity and storylines. Akin to every other month, the K-drama industry has a variety of genres lined up for its avid viewers.

From rom-coms to mystery thrillers, June 2024 K-dramas can be quite promising. With a unique take on love stories is DNA Lover, where a genetic researcher with a declining love life finds his partner through his own genes.

For a more pleasant and cheerful watch, Miss Night and Day, where a woman lives two lives, one by day and another by night. K-dramas like Hierarchy and Scandal can feed those viewers who love to be on the edges of their seats. The following listicle unfolds all the exciting releases slated for release this June.

From mystery thrillers to comedies: 6 June 2024 K-dramas you should add to your watchlist

1) Hierarchy

One of the most exciting releases on the list of June 2024 K-dramas is Hierarchy, starring Roh Jeung-eui, Lee Chang-min, Kim Jae-won, Ji Hye-won, and Lee Won-jung. The series showcases the students of the school created by the Joosin Group, which only limits admissions to those who are chosen at the time of birth.

However, the workings of the school soon begin to change as Kang Ha, a new male student, gets transferred there. Despite his innocent appearance, he holds a secret that might initiate the school's downfall. The show and its seven episodes are slated for release on Netflix on June 7.

2) My Sweet Mobster

Starring Uhm Tae-goo, Han Sun-hwa, and Kwon Yul, My Sweet Mobster stands next on the list of June 2024 K-dramas. The show revolves around an ex-gangster who reconnects with his childhood friend after throwing away his criminal organization to begin a fresh start.

The childhood friend, who's a kids' influencer, draws inspiration from her newly rekindled friendship with the ex-gangster for her content. Additionally, she also helps her friends break free from his past by looking past his tough exterior. The show, with 16 episodes, is expected to premiere on June 12 through JBTC.

3) Miss Night and Day

Next on the list of June 2024 K-dramas is Miss Night and Day, starring Jung Eun-ji and Lee Jung-eun. The show revolves around an exhausted woman who suddenly finds herself turning into a woman in her 50s after an incident. While she carries her life as a 50-year-old by day, she becomes a 20-year-old at night, forcing her to live two lives.

However, she finds herself taking advantage of the situation to find a job, which not only results in a wealthy but also a rejuvenated life. The show is expected to air on June 15, and people can stream the show's 16 episodes through JBTC.

4) DNA Lover

DNA Lover is another intriguing watch on the list of June 2024 K-dramas. The show focuses on Jin, a genetics researcher, who recently ended her relationship with her boyfriend.

Obsessed with DNA and with the fire to be in a happy relationship, she finds herself using her knowledge of DNA to choose between the two men that freshly cross her paths. The show, with its 16 episodes, is slated for release on June 22.

5) Scandal

Next on the list of June 2024 K-dramas is Scandal, starring Hae Chae-young, Han Bo-reum, Choi Woong, and Kim Gyu-seon. The story revolves around an ambitious woman who leaves her husband, whom she married for money after securing all his assets, after finding out he had a daughter, Baek Seol-ah, through his previous marriage.

She kickstarts an entertainment agency that produces K-dramas with the assets. Her life gets complicated as she meets another person, Seo Jin-ho, who looks like her first love but at the same time is acquainted with Seol-ah. The show is slated for release on June 17 through KBS. The show will air 100 episodes.

6) The Player 2: The Master of Swindlers

The last on the list of June 2024 K-dramas is The Players 2: The Master of Swindlers, starring Song Seung-heon, Oh Yeon-so, Tae Won-seok, Lee Si-eon, and Jang Gyu-ri. The show has 12 episodes.

The show stands as a sequel to The Player, which was released in 2018. It revolves around a group that consists of the best players in each field, such as hackers, scammers, fighters, drivers, etc. As they come together, they find and hunt for dirty money that is illegally collected and kept by the rich. The show is expected to air on June 3 through tvN.

With quite a handful of diverse June 2024 K-dramas stacked up, fans can hardly wait for them to hit the screens.

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