From Stray Kids to TWICE: JYP Entertainment announces 2024 comeback roster for its artists and groups

Stray Kids, TWICE, NMIXX & more from JYP Entertainment announces 2024 comeback. (Images via X/@JYPETWICE and @Stray_Kids)
Stray Kids, TWICE, NMIXX & more from JYP Entertainment announce 2024 comeback. (Images via X/@JYPETWICE and @Stray_Kids)

On May 13, 2024, JYP Entertainment confirmed its artist comeback lineup including TWICE, Stray Kids, and more. Nayeon of TWICE is set to release her solo comeback with her second mini-album, NA on June 14. Additionally, TWICE's fifth Japanese studio album is scheduled for release on July 17, which sent the group's fans into an online frenzy. Furthermore, Stray Kids confirmed their comeback for July 19 and their upcoming third world tour comprising 40 cities.

Additionally, a summertime return for NMIXX is planned. Expectations are high because of the good reaction to their previous return and title tune, DASH. Fans all across the world are eagerly awaiting JYP Entertainment K-pop groups' next project releases since they are well-known for their dynamic performances and avant-garde music.

TWICE's sub-unit MISAMO announces comeback and Stray Kids reported to renew contract with JYP Entertainment

Stray Kids is reported to renew their 7-year contract with JYP Entertainment for the first time since their debut in 2018. Reportedly, the popular girl group behind Ready to Be, TWICE, will also renew its contract for the second time with JYP Entertainment during its 10th anniversary in 2025.

Meanwhile, the news of TWICE member Nayeon's upcoming solo thrilled her fans since the announcement came over two years after releasing her breakthrough mini-album, Im Nayeon. On May 12, JYP Entertainment announced the promotional calendar of Nayeon's second solo mini-album, NA.

The concept photos will be released in four different segments on May 20, 23, 25, and 30, as per the promotional schedule. The upcoming album's preview is scheduled on June 1 and a sneak peek on June 7 at midnight KST. The entire tracklist for NA will be unveiled on May 16 at midnight KST.

Furthermore, the official trailer of the title song will be released on May 18. On June 10 and June 12 respectively, Nayeon's second solo endeavor's MV teasers for the title track will be revealed. On June 14 at 1 PM KST/9:30 AM IST, the album NA by Nayeon and its lead music video How to fall in love with 🅝🅐 will be dropped.

According to reports, Dahyun of TWICE will play the lead female part in the Korean adaptation of the Taiwanese film You Are the Apple of My Eye. The movie is a well-known Taiwanese romantic comedy that chronicles the tale of model student Shen Chia Yi and high school mischievous Ko Ching Teng, from their school days to fifteen years later. Dahyun would play Shen Chia Yi from the original work if she were to accept the role.

On May 10, JYP Entertainment's top boy band Stray Kids—who on May 6, 2024, became the first K-pop group to receive an invitation to the Met Gala—released their all-English single, Lose My Breath, which also featured Charlie Puth. Following the release of ROCK-STAR (stylized as 樂-STAR) in November 2023, the boy band will return after more than eight months with their new album on July 19.

Tommy Hilfiger's founder, Thomas Jacob Hilfiger, revealed the band's forthcoming 40-city globe tour during the 2024 Met Gala. As guests of Tommy Hilfiger and the company's creator, Stray Kids served as House Ambassadors at the Costume Institute Benefit, often known as the Met Gala.

More about JYP Entertainment's other others and new debuts

Meanwhile, though dates have not yet been finalized, JYP Entertainment teased further anticipation with possible returns from its other artist group lineup such as Day6, XDS, Niu, VCHA, MISAMO, and NexZ. Reportedly, there could also be another Stray Kids reunion later in the year, however, confirmation on the subject is yet to be received.

JYP Entertainment is also reported to have expanded its artist roster significantly with the addition of two new groups: LOUD and Project C. Initially, started as a nine members group, however, LOUD is set to debut with only 4 members: Lee Gyehun, Amaru, Keiju, and Lee Donghyeon.

Since LOUD was founded in 2021 through SBS's audition competition, fans have eagerly anticipated their debut. In the meanwhile, PROJECT C—an ambitious joint venture with NCC Entertainment, a Chinese music label—is scheduled to launch. The boy group first appeared in 2021 on the Chinese social platform, Weibo and consists of 5 trainees: Luo Yan, Li Xijie, Huang Wenjin, Bai Yuanhao, and Liang Zexin.

JYP Entertainment's upcoming boy group NEXZ is set to debut on May 20, 2024, with their single Ride the Vibe. The seven-member boy group includes Tomoya, Yuki, So Geon, Haru, Yu, Hyui, and Seita.

Here's the entire list of the artists and their comebacks (or debuts) in 2024:

  • TWICE Nayeon’s 2nd mini-album
  • Twice's 5th Japanese full-length album
  • Stray Kids' comeback
  • TWICE — MISAMO sub-unit comeback
  • NiziU
  • VCHA
  • NEXZ
  • Day6
  • XDS
  • LOUD (debut)
  • PROJECT C (debut)

Meanwhile, TWICE announced the release of their fifth Japanese comeback album DIVE on July 17, 2024, ahead of the group's last show of their READY TO BE concert in Japan on July 27 at the Nissan Stadium, Yokohama.

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