BTS’ Jin crosses 1 billion Spotify streams, making the band the only K-pop group to have all members achieve so under their solo artist profiles

BTS’ Jin crosses 1 billion Spotify streams on his solo profile. (Image via X/@BIGHIT_MUSIC)
BTS’ Jin crosses 1 billion Spotify streams on his solo profile. (Image via X/@BIGHIT_MUSIC)

Kim Seok-jin, aka Jin of BTS, achieved a historic feat as he surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify under his solo artist profile. This accomplishment is significant since the artist has yet to release his debut solo album. Being the eldest among his members, Jin enlisted in the South Korean military on December 13, 2022, to fulfill the nation's mandatory conscription law.

Furthermore, as of May 26, 2024, all seven members of BTS accumulated over 1 billion streams under their respective Spotify artist profiles. Jimin has over 3.3 billion streams, Jungkook has over 5.9 billion streams on his solo tracks, Suga has 1.25 billion streams, Namjoon has over 1.92 billion streams, Taehyung has 2.9 billion streams, and J-Hope has over 2 billion streams.

The current record is a result of only 8 tracks as listed under his verified artist profile on Spotify. Even though he has been away from the spotlight for 18 months, Jin successfully amassed over 1 billion streams excluding his credits for solo singles from BTS' albums. Meanwhile, as of May 26, 2024, the 8 tracks under his solo artist profile are listed as follows:

  • The Astronaut — 405.9 million
  • Super Tuna — 110.5 million
  • Abyss – 57.37 million
  • It's Definitely You (OST) — 184.2 million
  • It's Definitely You - Instrumental — 11.78 million
  • Yours (OST) — 175.3 million
  • Yours - Instrumental — 9.34 million
  • Tonight — 44.35 million

BTS' Jin is set to return home from the military in two weeks

The world-famous group BTS has announced that they will reconvene in 2025, according to their label HYBE. The septet has made a lasting impression and amassed a sizable fan base that is impatiently expecting their comeback. Meanwhile, fans are eagerly awaiting Jin's homecoming 15 days after he is fully discharged from the military as a Sergeant.

After releasing his debut solo single The Astronaut on October 28, 2022, the Grammy-nominated South Korean musician headed off to the military shortly after that. Following his departure, other members utilized the leftover time before their respective enlistment to release solo albums and singles. The entire chart of the seven members' enlistment dates was planned strategically by HYBE Labels in a way that would let their fans experience and watch new content from the members till Jin's return and pick up from where he left.

The latest release was BTS Namjoon's second solo full-length album Right Place, Wrong Person on May 24, 2024. Although Namjoon enlisted on December 11, 2023, he released his album via his agency with pre-filmed promotional content. Now, with almost two weeks to Jin's final homecoming, fans are excited as the Epiphany singer-songwriter is reported to release his debut solo album and embark on other solo endeavors.

Meanwhile, the The Astronaut singer had pre-recorded short video clips for his fans before he left for his enlistment. For his 18-month mandatory service, the singer-songwriter created one video to be released each month on BANGTANTV - BTS' secondary official YouTube channel - to cheer his fans who have been awaiting his homecoming. From December 2022 to May 2024, 18 videos have been released where the artist promised to take care of himself and come back soon.

In other news, the second BTS member to return from his enlistment is J-Hope, who will come back in October 2024. After completing their mandatory military service, Namjoon, Jimin, Suga, Taehyung, and Jungkook will return in June 2025.

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