"There's a kid out there who lives and breathes theatre..." - Video of North West performing at Lion King concert leaves internet divided

The internet had mixed responses to North West
The internet had mixed responses to North West's stage debut (Image via YouTube/Kanye West)

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's daughter North West made her stage debut on Friday, May 24, when she took to the stage at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles to perform in The Lion King concert event. According to videos of the young star's performance that went viral on social media, the 10-year-old apparently portrayed a young version of Simba singing the song I Just Can’t Wait to Be King.

North West performed on the first night of the two-night event, which will also play on Saturday, May 25. Videos shared on social media of the production, which was a celebration of the upcoming 30th Anniversary of The Lion King, saw North dressed up in a yellow lion suit dancing and singing alongside a plethora of other colorful performers.

North West's performance received quite a mixed response from social media users. A plethora of people were of the opinion that North received a spot in the production due to nepotism. A few netizens claimed that North stole the spot from a more deserving kid and criticized her performance by asking if there were rehearsals. Here are a few Instagram reactions in this regard:

"There’s a kid out there who lives and breathes theatre that didn’t get this opportunity", noted one Instagram user.
"They paid for that spot 😂😂😂", a second one added.
"So basically, a talented kid was robbed of their moment so she could perform 😏", chimed in another netizen.
"Imagine all the little kids waiting in line for auditions then boom North west enters with Kim handing over cash to the judges 💀", said another Instagram user.
"Nepotism is one hell of a drug. Let's keep it real, she would not have won an audition for that role.", thought yet another Instagram user.

However, another group of social media users praised North's performance and criticized the people criticizing North. One user even claimed that the people who were angry at North's performance were "jealous of children".

Another user asked people to remember that North was still just a child regardless of who her parents may be. Here are a few Instagram reactions in this regard:

"Y’all be so jealous of children it’s weird. Who cares that her parents are successful enough to give her an easy life! Isn’t that what every parent would want???😭😭", one Instagram user suggested.
"Y’all please remember that this is a CHILD!! Forget who her parents are, she is still a child!! These comments are terrible 😒", a second user added.
"She is a child! Some of these comments are terrible, meanwhile yall kids can't even tie their own shoes...I'd be nervous too if I were up there...great job, North❤️", said a third Instagram user.
"Dang, yall hating because it’s North and she’s “famous”? So “famous” kids shouldn’t be able to pursue their dreams? Ya’ll complain wayyyy too much.", chimed in another Instagram user.
"Have y’all never been to a kids school play? This is how they all sing and dance. Y’all are expecting a Broadway performance from an untrained little girl. Y’all kids are getting participation trophies tho 😂", noted yet another Instagram user.

North West was cheered on by her parents and siblings

Apart from North West, Friday's The Lion King concert also featured Heather Headley, who originated the role of Nala in The Lion King Broadway musical, alongside actress and singer Jennifer Hudson. It also featured The Lion King cast members Jeremy Irons (Scar), Nathan Lane (Timon), Jason Weaver (young Simba - singing voice), Ernie Sabella (Pumbaa), and Billy Eichner (Timon - 2019).

Cheering for North West from the crowd was none other than her mother and Skims co-founder Kim Kardashian and father and Gold Digger hitmaker Kanye West. Joining the duo were North's siblings Psalm, Chicago, and Saint.

Also present were North's grandmother Kris Jenner, aunt Kourtney Kardashian, and Kourtney's Blink 182 husband Travis Barker.

A full orchestra led by conductor Sarah Hicks performed the original movie's Oscar-winning musical score composed by Hans Zimmer. As mentioned above, the concert will also take place on Saturday night. The show will also be recorded and broadcast on Disney + later this year as The Lion King at the Hollywood Bowl.

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