"Video tomorrow" - Chance The Rapper teases fans with a new track 'Buried Alive'

Chance The Rapper standing alongside fellow The Voice coach John Legend during this season
Chance The Rapper standing alongside fellow The Voice coach John Legend during this season's playoffs (Image via X/@chancetherapper)

Chance The Rapper took to X to announce that he would be releasing a new track today (Apr. 26) titled Buried Alive.

The post contains a clip that's almost two minutes long and is presented as a "lyric" video, with every word rapped appearing over a black screen as the track plays in the background.

The caption on his announcement post also confirmed this single's release will be accompanied by a music video.

The track is extremely emotional and references several moments and new changes in his life, from addressing his recent divorce from Kirsten Corley to the major fallout he had with his ex-manager Pat Corcoran, in lines like:

"Where's his money now? Whеre his wife at? / Wherе his manager? Where his hype at? / Then they threw the dirt on the casket and into the hunt for the baby in the basket"

It seems Buried Alive could be the lead single for Chance's upcoming mixtape Star Line, giving fans an insight into what the rapper has stored for the project scheduled to drop later this year.

Everything we know about Chance The Rapper's upcoming mixtape Star Line

Chance's intentions to create another project following up on his 2019 debut studio album The Big Day have been floating around the internet for years. Back in 2022, during an interview with Sway, the rapper mentioned he'd be dropping his sophomore album titled Star Line Gallery soon.

"I was inspired by Marcus Garvey in the early 1900s, so 100 years ago now. He started and ran this very important, integral shipping line. He had a fleet of ships, these giant ocean liners which are the size of cruise ships, that he owned and funded with common Black folks' money," Chance explained his reasoning behind the album's title.

He would further explain how Marcus's work ended up creating a trade route between the United States and Africa, which resulted in forming a shared network for people all around the world to connect and share in each other's cultures. The full interview between Chance The Rapper and Sway can be viewed below:

{Album Title Explanation Timestamp - 7:52}


Since then, Chance's social media has been flooded with clips and photos from his time in Africa, which he cites as one of the major inspirations for his upcoming project. Many of these clips also feature the rapper working on new music in several studios.

More recently, Chance took to social media on April 21 to post an official album trailer which finds him working on new music and previewing his tracks for people within his circle.

The clip also features guest appearances from Lil Wayne, Lil Yachty, T-Pain, and many more artists who very likely will make an appearance on the completed version of Star Line.

It appears that Chance The Rapper is taking his new project down a deeply introspective emotional route as can be seen from the song previewed in the above clip and in Buried Alive.

"I'll Keep it light / You already know / Keep it right.. steady / Ready, who knows, which way we'll go / But be ready to go / Who Knows, I'll keep it light / I'm already home," Chance sings on the song previewed during the album trailer.

Although not much is known as to the album tracklist or release date for Star Line, a story posted to Chance The Rapper's official Instagram account late last year confirmed a potential "spring release" date for the project.

With Buried Alive set to debut later today, it appears that Chance The Rapper has officially begun his sophomore album rollout.

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