Kanye West sits down for an exclusive interview with Justin Laboy to discuss his 'Like That' Remix, Drake, and more

Kanye West standing alongside Metro Boomin in the studio where the
Kanye West standing alongside Metro Boomin in the studio where the 'Like That' remix was supposedly produced (Image via X/@MetroBoomin)

Kanye West sat down for Episode 1 of The Download Show with Justin Laboy on April 22, which was exclusively aired on yeezy.com, to discuss who he's siding with during the 2024 rap beef between Drake and Metro Boomin.

Ye also previewed his latest single which is a remixed version of Like That, which dropped last month as part of Metro Boomin and Future's first installment to We Don't Trust You. The single does not include a Kendrick Lamar (Dot) verse but does find Kanye giving him a shoutout before the start of the song where he states:

"You know we had to get The Hooligans up here, we gon' take this p----y n----a out / Yo, Dot, I got you"

Justin announced this interview with a post to his official X account, where he confirmed that although the interview will be available on yeezy.com, fans wishing to watch the entire episode would have to purchase a product from the website before receiving a link to view the episode.

Yeezy fans interested in listening to the Like That remix can find the song freely available on Kanye's website. The song was also uploaded to Ye's official YouTube channel before Sony allegedly had the song removed from the streaming platform.

"Pluto called me, I went to the studio": Kanye West explains why he hopped on the Like That remix

During the interview, Justin begins to allude to a potential remix that Kanye had worked on along with Future. Kanye confirms this speculation by previewing the track live for the first time on The Download Show in its entirety.

The song lasts a total of 3:04 minutes and also features Ty Dolla $ign and The Hooligans, along with a fresh verse from Future. After previewing the track, Justin begins to question Ye on how this collaboration came about to which Ye responds:

"Pluto called me, I went to the studio. Laid that. Went through the creative process. Called The Hooligans out in London to get on the joint"

Ye explains how the studio was buzzing with electricity, citing how everyone was "energized" about the "elimination of Drake," with whom West has had a shaky relationship stemming back to the release of Lift Yourself back in 2018.

It appears that Kanye West has officially sided with Metro Boomin along with Future, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, The Weeknd, Rick Ross, and Nav.

Based on the long-standing beef between Drake and Ye's frequent collaborator and friend Pusha T, going back to The Story of Adidon's days, it's being speculated that Push would also side with Kanye West and Metro in what many are referring to as the rap industry's "World War 3".

Other rappers who've worked alongside Metro Boomin and Drake, who are yet to officially comment or pick a side in this beef include 21 Savage, Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, Chris Brown, and J. Cole.

Although Cole did drop an aggressive diss track aimed at Kendrick on 7 Minute Drill from his MIGHT DELETE LATER mixtape, he has since publicly apologized, stepped away from the beef, and officially removed the track from all streaming platforms.

What did Kanye West say about Drake on the Like That remix?

{Disclaimer: This breakdown is rated explicit. Readers' discretion is advised.}

The song retains a lot of its original production but with a flair of Kanye West sprinkled all over it from the backing vocals credited to The Hooligans, who were featured on the No.1 record Carnival from Ye and Ty's Vultures 1, to a ramped up trap drum progression.

The song is filled with hard-hitting bars, with Ye referencing his public comeback crediting Vultures 1 topping the Billboard charts, his relationship with P. Diddy, his new titanium grillz, and a lot more.

The most aggressive portion of this record is when Kanye West starts to call out Drake in the middle of his verse, stating:

"I done had everything that you able to got"

Post this subtle jab at Drizzy, the bars on Ye's verse get more targeted toward the Canadian rapper like when he takes a shot at the CEO of Universal Music Group (UMG), Lucian Grainge, for supposedly controlling every commercial move Drizzy makes in the lines:

"Where's Lucian? Serve your master, n----a / You caught a little bag for your masters, didn't ya? / Lifetime deal, I feel bad for n----s"

UMG owns Young Money Entertainment, as a subsidiary record label, to which Drake is currently signed alongside Lil Wayne. The ending of Kanye West's verse is a direct shot fired at Drake and J. Cole when he says:

"Y'all so outta sight, outta mind / I can't even think of a Drake line / Play J. Cole, get the p---y dry / Play this s--t back a hundred-thirty times"

Kanye West also confirmed, during the interview, that his second installment to the "Vultures series" titled Vultures 2, will be dropping to all DSPs (Digital Streaming Platforms) on May 3, 2024.

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